5 five-minute ways to clean your kitchen (using the tools you already have)

Is the Sabbath option worse than buying detergents and cleaning a dirty oven? (We think not.) That's why we put together these five simple ways to refresh your kitchen in five minutes or less, using things that you already have at your fingertips.

Lemon to clean the microwave

Cut the lemon in half, squeeze its juice into a small bowl of water, add both halves of the lemon to the bowl, then put it in the microwave for five minutes. Fresh aroma eliminates unpleasant smells from cooking, and condensation from citrus steam will help you quickly and easily clean the dirty traces with a damp broom.

Shine Rice

Glasses that cannot be completely cleaned should be washed in the following way: fill the glass in half with warm water, dish detergent, white vinegar and one cup of uncooked rice. Stir the mixture for two minutes. Then rinse the glass and air dry.

Stainless steel peeling with coconut milk

Did you know that any of the stainless items in your kitchen (your stove, refrigerator, trash can, appliances, etc.) can be cleaned with a small amount of organic coconut oil? Apply it to the fabric, wipe and soon the traces will disappear.

Sterilization of wooden boards in the microwave

Rapid rinsing with water, followed by a 60-second cycle in the microwave, is the fastest and easiest way to rid your wooden planks of any unpleasant odors and bacteria.

Coffee bean from unpleasant smell from the fridge

This is new baking soda guys. Simply fill the small bowl with aromatic coffee beans and place it on the shelf in the fridge. Change to new grain every two months. In the morning you will have a nice fresh aroma right from your fridge.