9 confessions that your man will never want to hear from you


You are in that stage of relationship when you can trust each other absolutely everything. You know that everything between you and your man will perceive correctly. But have you ever thought that there are things that should not be said to a loved one, regardless of the degree of spiritual intimacy?

Here are 9 topics that you should never discuss with a man: he obviously will not be happy to hear that.

1. Do you think that his ex-girlfriend is a real bitch

Perhaps the former of your chosen one is the pitiful semblance of a woman. But it would be a mistake to show your young man your attitude towards her. Any negative comment about your man’s ex-girlfriend, no matter how accurate, will be interpreted as jealousy or pettiness. So never tell how much you hate the former passion of your man when he is around.

2. You hate anything in your appearance.

We all have problems with looks. But when you say that you hate a certain part of your face or body, you do two things: you attract the attention of your chosen one to your physical disabilities and poison yourself with poisonous thoughts.

If you want to discuss the fact that you have more hips than you would like, or that you have awfully big earlobes, or your eyebrows are not as brown as you'd like, do it by chance. Make fun of yourself as you like, but do not proclaim that you “hate” anything in your appearance.

3. You hate all your ex

Maybe your ex broke your heart or humiliated you, or committed some terrible crime in a relationship, and you regularly entertain yourself with fantasies of revenge in which you set fire to his most valuable things and terrorize him in the middle of the night.

Whatever you do, keep your dreams of revenge and hateful thoughts with you. It doesn't matter how horrible everything ended in your last relationship. You should never tell your current chosen one that you hate your ex because hate is a sign of strong feelings and lingering passion. After all, hate is not the opposite of love feelings. The opposite feeling will be indifference.

4. You understand that his mother found in his father

Do you know what repels a man even more than the mental representation of his own parents at the moment of intimacy? A mental image in which his chosen one enters into relationship with his dad. When you make a subtle hint that you consider the father of your chosen one outwardly attractive, you practically force him to mentally represent the most sophisticated fantasies. Even if you try to express your assessment of the appearance of his father as a compliment, adding that your man and his father are equally composed, you will surely cause certain unpleasant thoughts, because of which he will be offended at you.

5. You have a cache of money

It will never be a bad idea to hide some money on the sly for emergency use. It's nice to add a few bills in an envelope that you hold in the back of the drawer with underwear or rolled up into a pair of striped socks that you never wear.

The financial pillow provides comfort, especially at times when you are in a quarrel with your loved one, and you just want to take your money and leave. But the meaning of this stock is that you, only you and no one else should know about its existence. As soon as you acknowledge that you have it, it loses its value as your personal safety cushion. In addition, you will inevitably face the onslaught of suspicion on other fronts.

6. You flirt with your boss at work

We have a lot of double standards when it comes to what is acceptable for men and women. Society demonizes women who are willing to use their temptation to succeed in the workplace. Therefore, if you are one of those who consider it your right to develop flirting in the workplace for the sake of moving up the career ladder, keep this reasoning with you. Neither you nor your young man will benefit from an honest discussion of this topic.

7. Noble men are extinct

Who may not like a well-mannered man who first releases women from the elevator, helps to take off his jacket and bypasses a taxi behind him so as not to force his companion to move around the seat, making room for him? When we declare that noble knights no longer exist, we, as it were, give all men the right to behave everywhere in a non-gentlemanly manner, which is not surprising to anyone.

8. You laugh at him

From time to time, your man will do something unintentionally funny at a time when he is not in a playful mood. He will do so because of stress or in a hurry. He may stumble on the sidewalk, despite your warnings about the danger of rewriting on the phone while walking, or accidentally pour milk into a glass of water instead of his coffee mug.

In such situations, it is very difficult to stop laughing, because it’s funny to watch someone fall or do something stupid. It's funny for everyone except a man who, of course, feels humiliated. In order not to stir up anger in your anxious man who did something funny, do not confess that you are laughing at him.

9. You have already been asked to marry

If you want to marry your current elect, do not tell him about any formal or unofficial offers of the hand and heart that you have taken in the past. It may seem to you that it will do you the honor - something that once a fan had a plan to tie you into marriage. But in fact, you simply deprive your chosen one, perhaps a single chance to make you an offer.