7 facts about love, about which, alas, no one warned you

Love is a very ambiguous thing. Someone underestimates it, and someone, on the contrary, overestimates it. But it is really very cool, and you will understand it when you fall in love.

Whatever your favorite gives you is cool

He tried, and did it with love. Therefore, whatever you are talking about, you appreciate it. And even you can quietly run into the store and change the wrong size of underwear (after stealing a check from him in spy).

Any little thing can be a cause for scandal.

Previously, you could not even imagine that you would be so nervous because of being half an hour late. But the thing is that you really love him, and are very worried when he is not around. But, of course, you quickly forgive him.

For him you are ready for anything

An evening in the company with his friends (and beer, of course) instead of a girlfriend's hen party? No problem. Celebrate his mom's birthday? With a stretch, but you agree on this.

Sometimes you want to be alone

The sooner you realize that people sometimes need loneliness, the greater problems in relationships you can manage to avoid. Sometimes partners just need a break from each other.

You will sometimes refuse to meet with friends

And all for his sake, of course. And just recently, you categorically condemned such friends when someone you know girls did this.

Some of your friends do not like your favorite

And the whole thing, most likely, is precisely that for the sake of the beloved you are ready to leave them and prefer his company. And how do you order to come to terms with it? Togo and look, you completely forget about them when you get married.

You are constantly advised

Around you, it turns out, there are a lot of people who know exactly what you need to do. Without them, you, of course, can not figure it out. But do not pay attention to them - live your mind!