23 ways to pamper a man, because of which he will bind to you even more


This is not about big and supernatural gestures. Think about the little things that make you feel loved every day.

1. Leave all the problems outside the door when you see your loved one. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the meetings, instead of being nervous, bringing stress to the relationship.

2. Give thanks to your chosen one every time he tries to do something good for you or for your future together. It is always nice to know that someone is grateful for what you are doing.

3. Buy a postcard for a special occasion and write as many positive features of your chosen one as you can, starting each with “I love it when you ...”

4. Hug him at the meeting, hug him goodbye.

5. Walk a little nails all over his back when he is tense.

6. Learn how to do a great back massage and massage him without waiting for his request, or when you also want a massage.

7. Learn his language of love. Some people find it easier to feel loved in a certain way. When you learn how this happens, you can be sure that you convey your feelings in the way they are best heard by your partner.

8. If you have relationship problems, think about them and what the most productive conversation will be, and then start it. Do not allow yourself to keep everything inside you. But at the same time, do not grumble and do not make rude and careless comments, not to mention that it bothers you.

9. During an altercation, always agree with your partner. Remember that you want to talk to find out what is best for both of you. If one of you "wins the fight," you both lose.

10. If there are things that he absolutely hates to do, and you do not mind, do them instead.

11. Tell him you miss him when you really miss him.

13. If he works at the computer, learn how to massage the hands and forearms. It's amazing how much stress accumulates in these places when you have to work all day.

14. Tell him that he is an excellent partner, indicate the reasons why you really think so.

15. Put him his favorite candy and a gentle note in the bag before leaving.

16. When he takes a shower, write him a nice message on the sweaty mirror.

17. Do for him some work or task that he intended to do, but put it off for several months (or even longer).

18. When he is stressful about work, remind him how good he is in his work, and how lucky his employer has accepted him into the company.

19. When he speaks, listen carefully. And do not take the phone in hand when talking to him.

20. Pamper him with various touches that are not related to intimacy.

21. Tell him that you are proud of him.

22. Always be on his side.

23. Say: "I appreciate you."