10 hints from men who indicate that it is time for you to change

Relationships are complex things, often in them and in a partner something might not suit us. But not everyone can directly and openly declare that they are not satisfied. A man may be afraid to openly comment, because he is afraid to offend a woman. Meanwhile, the key to harmonious relations is a compromise, so you should pay attention if it does not give you hints that indicate that it is time to change something.

He does not express admiration

Of course, any, even the sweetest candy bored sooner or later. Therefore, if he ceased to openly admire you, then perhaps it is time to change something to correct the situation.

He gives you an example of other women.

By itself, an alarming sign. The fact that he can set you up as an example of style, behavior or any other skills already indicates that he turns his attention to other women in search of what he lacks in your relationship. Of course, immediately blindly follow those examples to which he points to you are not worth it, if this contradicts your tastes and desires, but definitely, you need to change something.

He makes fun of you

He gives you a remark or criticism, and then adds: "Yes, I was joking!"? Consider, most likely, not just joking. Some people find it much easier to express their complaints in a joking way.

He peers at other women.

Paying attention to other women is in the nature of men. But, if you have noticed that he began to do this much more often, this may serve as a signal to change something and re-chain his attention to yourself.

He became depressed and apathetic.

Perhaps he is tormented and oppressed by what he feels. But, again, for fear of losing you, he cannot directly tell you everything. In this case, try yourself to call him to a frank conversation.

He asks you if everything suits you

He is trying to apply the psychological method of mirror communication. In the hope that you will name what you would like to change in him, and he, in response, confesses to you that he would like to change in him. After all, the first to start expressing criticism is much more difficult.

He shows aggression

If a man is not satisfied with something in a woman for a while, then at some point he may begin to react aggressively and very emotionally to the stimulus: “Again you put on this skirt!”, “Why are you watching this nonsense again!” "How much can you talk on the phone !?"

He offers you new options.

He offers to run together in the morning or diversify your love life? Do not refuse, perhaps he is hinting to you that he wants changes and is ready to change with you, and this is well worth it.

He gives appropriate gifts

Do not be offended, he ate gives you gifts that contribute to your changes, for example, a subscription to a fitness club, books on self-development or a certificate to a beauty salon. Yes, in a certain sense, these gifts, of course, may seem tactless. But perhaps this is his way of hinting to you about what he wants to change, because he does not know how.

He speaks openly

Well, if he has already tried his entire arsenal of hints, and you did not understand him, then he may try to start an open conversation. Do not react aggressively and do not be offended, but try to understand and think, maybe, his claims are not groundless.

If you see these hints in your relationship - do not ignore them. In most cases, change for the better and can go to the benefit of you and your relationship.