If he does these 8 things, congratulations, you found the perfect man

Let's be honest, men are afraid of commitment. It can be difficult to understand who is simply played by you, and who, in fact, is here to stay close for a long time.

Here are some signs that you have a wonderful man.

He writes regularly

You heard it right. It’s not difficult for him to start a fluent conversation with you, or even sign up for a social network and ask how your day is going.

He makes plans with you and brings them to the end.

In fact, there are people who even make plans themselves ...

He is not afraid to tell you about his problems and needs.

Even if he absolutely hates talking about his feelings, he will do it. He knows that this is for the best, and this is what is needed to keep moving forward.

He does and says things just because he knows that it makes you happy.

All the things he does to make a smile on your face. Even if at midnight he runs to the store for ice cream and chocolate, because your aunt sat up at a party.

He is a real gentleman

Do not just hold the door and move the chair back. He is the one who does not immediately try to unbutton your shirt. Anyone who wants to know the real you inside and out.

He speaks freely about himself

He tells you a lot. And it is not necessary to clarify details or ask for something. He talks about his family and past, is completely open and wants you to know about him as much as he wants to know about you.

He appreciates you, and you know it.

Even if it's just an SMS “I miss you,” or “good morning” and “good night,” he wants you to know about his care.

He comes back to you ... even after you became a crazy psychopath at the moment

It speaks for itself. You can be a pain in the ass ... but only a splinter.