5 tricks of supermarkets, which is useful to know to all

The whole truth about the cucumbers in the film, and a few more facts about the food departments, which you didn’t know about when visiting the supermarket.

The age of the fruit is not as important as it seems.

Lori Taylor, an expert in the food industry, writes in her blog that while many are trying to buy fruit only during the season, she has been buying for several years those that have been stored or transported by sea for several months. She calmly takes the apples in June, knowing that they were grown last year. As she explains, such products (most often apples, bananas, kiwi, persimmon, tomatoes and avocados) are stored in special rooms with a special climate, from where all the oxygen is pumped out. This dramatically slows the fruit ripening process. “Fruits just fall asleep,” she says. Therefore, their shelf life is significantly extended, which is very convenient for customers in June.

Fears of film-wrapped products are in vain

Often we avoid packaged cucumbers and would prefer to choose on our own, having touched and smelled products. However, in sealed form, they can be even better. The plastic film can extend their shelf life from 3 to 14 days. The same applies to apples, grapes and potatoes. Those who want the store to be stored for at least a week can pack the products in foil and make sure they are safe for many days.

Sprays - your friends, allies and enemies. be careful

Above grocery counters sometimes you can find spray guns. They are designed to ensure that products do not dry. If they are regularly serviced and peeled, they help to preserve greens, lettuce, dill, parsley, green onions, as well as cabbage and root crops (for example, carrots or radishes). But at the same time under the sprayers can not keep mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, eggplant and pumpkin, which can not be watered. Otherwise, it will lead to the multiplication of microorganisms, which will end up with the destruction of products. But this does not mean that the sprayed vegetables can not be bought. Just before buying carefully inspect them for signs of damage.

Shops know you better than you ...

It is obvious why there are tortilla chips next to why avocados are stored next to, and all kinds of salad dressings next to the salad. But stores are starting to flow even thinner to provoke a purchase. According to the latest data, about 65% of grape buyers also buy Diet Coke, so the next time, do not be surprised if you find a stack of six packs next to grapes. And when you see, think, but do you really need an extra purchase?

... And they also have a separate trick for the current generation of buyers.

Definitions such as “fresh” and “farmer” are too general. Most of the products somehow fall into these categories. Nevertheless, supermarket sellers hope that the use of such words will attract buyers, and especially the new generation. If you relate to it, then remember that marketers mean it to you when they hang labels such as craft.