5 signs that he really loves you, even if he has changed

He betrayed you in the worst way, taking the novel on the side. While treason suggests that your chosen one does not quite love you, this is not always the case.

Men change for many reasons and in most cases they do it not because they do not like their partners. When you hear him say, "Please don't leave me, I really love you," pay attention to some signs that will signal that he is telling the truth.

1. He breaks off those relationships

The realization that you are going to leave him scares him so much that he immediately stops the affair. He does not want to lose you, because you are the one he loves so much.

2. He promises to do everything for you

It can be difficult for men to sacrifice everything in order to win your heart again. If he truly repents and is ready to do absolutely anything to get you back, know that you have a person who truly loves you.

3. He asks for help

He wants to understand why he began to change and hurt the only person he loves the most. To do this, he turns to professional advice to find the reasons and show you that he is serious.

4. He admits his mistakes in the presence of friends.

Men do not want to admit their mistakes, it is very difficult for them. If he tells his friends how much he has done and how he repents of this, know that he regrets his action.

5. He keeps promises before you

If you asked him to do a few things to show you that he really loves you, and he does everything you ask, know that he is loyal to you and only you.

It's hard to believe that he cheated on you not to hurt you, especially because it hurt you so much. Some men really do not think about the feelings of others when they get an affair on the side. It may not make any sense to you, and all you want is to just run away from him, so that you will no longer be hurt, but this is something that needs to be taken into account. If he did not want to be with you, he would not have done anything that is listed above.