Women's tricks: 5 things that are more profitable to buy in the men's section

Bought a trendy and very expensive boyfriend style shirt? We don’t want to upset you, but in the men's section you’re almost the same as you could be much cheaper. Some fashion items for women are actually ordinary everyday items for men's wardrobe, and often they are better and less expensive. The alleged reason is that, since men's shirt is not very diverse, manufacturers save money on styles and spend them on fabric. And with the female wardrobe all the way around. This is called a pink tax. To defeat a clever marketing system, look for popular men's-style models — be it unisex or oversized things — in the men's section.


Are socks not unisex? Is that the size should fit. Believe it or not, men's socks are often softer, thicker and cheaper than women's socks for various reasons. Grab a quality pair of wool socks to wear with your leather boots on thick soles.

Real Boyfriend Jeans

Would you like to buy jeans "boyfriends"? Why not just look at the men's clothing department and pick them up there? Men's jeans are very comfortable and actually look rather flattering on women, plus you can choose the waist size and length. There are tons of pairs of optimal.


Whether it's sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts or oversized t-shirts - you can easily buy all this at a very nice price in the men's section.

Truly good overseas-jumpers can cost you indecently in the women's section, while in the men's section you can purchase a standard model that looks just like a fashionable volume for you.


From the very beginnings of fashionable history, shirts are an integral part of men's clothes, so they are often made in abundance (and, therefore, cheaper) and in a fashionable concise manner. A white shirt with a man’s shoulder is what you need for a basic wardrobe.


Instead of buying fashionable watches, inspired by men's watches, buy men's watches immediately. They look stylish, concise and often sold at a lower price. As you know, the straps are usually adjustable, so that the watch can always be adjusted to its size.