7 types of unworthy men and what your relationship with them says about you


In their romantic relationships, women, as a rule, choose the same or more similar male types. Have you ever wondered why this is happening and what does this mean?

It turns out that according to your desire for a particular type of man, you can create your main psychological portrait. There is something that we definitely need to know about our character, about why we are attracted to unbalanced partners. If you understand and adjust your attitude a little, you will attract more accomplished personalities.

Here are 7 male types and what your attraction to them means.

Mr. Narcissus

His charm, success, talent, beauty and charisma will not remain without female attention. His sparkling manner to carry on a conversation, he fascinates everyone, including you. But agreeing with him once, over time, you have to constantly fight with his demands, criticism, selfishness.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: perhaps you are the same narcissistic person. If you are a daffodil, then you probably think that you will love your own kind. In fact, you just do not love yourself. Flattery, perfectionism, arrogance, sounding out of your mouth - just a kind of cover for self-hatred, which you find it hard to admit even to yourself.

Daffodils are very attractive and dangerous. If at this second they need someone, then the next one can fight for whose interests are more important. Only courage, time and dedication can heal him.


Such do not rush into your life. They are full of excuses, indecisive, talk a lot about their past. He can quickly declare that he needs you, while for some reason he is not looking for loyalty.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you do not feel worthy. This happens if, as a child, there was no one to intercede for you, there was no one who supported you, or there was a person who betrayed you, insulted you.

To fix everything, you should start by learning how to resist (or more often just forgive) the person who let you down.

A man who needs a little "fix"

He feels good when he is "under you." And let him today is not a millionaire, but he has a great future, you are sure that he is the best of the best. Dating him is like a big project.

What will the relationship with such a man tell you: you are an overcompensator and often make excuses for what others have done. In a serious relationship, you are ready to correct everything.

Such a trait is the result of excessive compensation for some mistake from the past. If you want to give a good account of yourself, stop trying to catch up on what was missed. And finally, let go of the past: what happened, do not change it, accept it.


His relationship with girls is not long. He was not married. He always has an excuse why he didn't meet that one girl. He is always justified by the fact that he has enough time to settle down. Favorite phrase - "someday."

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you need male attention. You attract such men who feel that they need to “save” a girl (they are not always true to her). That is, you seek to get attention from men, and they use it.

This is what happens if a past relationship ended abruptly. To meet a reliable man who is not afraid to make commitments, you must become one who "maintains vital relationships."

Male "parasite"

It often reaches everything at your expense that puts you in danger. In this case, neither you nor your relationship does not benefit from what he gets.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you are not confident in yourself. Low self-esteem, insecurity attract men who will use a woman. Because it is important to increase self-esteem, so that she was normal before the start of your relationship. So that male parasites on the energy level receive a kind of message: you don’t need them. With confident women this almost does not happen.


He blames you for not being at fault. He talks to you as a child, while still trying to intimidate. He criticizes everyone: you and even your children.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you have problems with the observance of emotional boundaries. On a subconscious level, you cannot draw a conditional line of emotional responsibility between yourself and others. You want to defeat others, giving them pleasure or exposing themselves in the best light, while at the same time detrimental to themselves.

As a rule, this is due to the fact that you support an “alien” emotional background, for which, in fact, you are not responsible. When you understand what you need to answer for, where your emotional responsibility is, then you can control the boundaries.


He agrees with everything you say. He has very low self-esteem, lack of confidence. It is difficult for him to express his opinion, and even more so to argue something.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you - the powerful woman who puts everything together. If you control everything, then attract male losers. Because such men see in you what they do not possess (maturity, confidence, decisiveness).

Such men usually do not develop, they are driven. If you are an imperious woman, stay away from such men. It is better to look for stronger personalities and complement them with you.


He may be married, engaged, or just be in a relationship with another woman. Even if he is officially divorced, we can assume that he is still married.

What will tell the relationship with such a man: you have low self-esteem and you absolutely do not like yourself. Regardless of the reason, if you meet with someone who already has a different relationship, which means that you manifest one of the lowest forms of self-love, you do not respect yourself. If you meet with a traitor, then most likely you are the same, and you will be offended by the closest ones.

Perhaps your family is concerned about who you are dating. And relations with relatives are strained. And let the family and relatives - not the best advisers, yet sometimes it is worth listening to them, especially if they agree in opinion!