Perfumers are advised to wear these 5 year old fragrances to all luxurious women.

If you want to conquer a man, you need a strong tool. And such a tool is always the perfect perfume, which will become a real weapon for you. Gentle compositions amaze the imagination of men - he will not forget you for sure.

Oriental cocktail

Her Secret Temptation Eau de Toilette, Antonio Banderas, 1810 rubles. Oriental and floral notes intrigue men and play with their fantasies. These are the most feminine and tender melodies that do not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Incredible bouquet with floral, soft oriental and slightly spicy notes is amazing. Neroli and pink pepper, which turn into notes of rose, iris and jasmine, and ends with musk, amber and patchouli.

Spicy Train

Perfumery water L'extase, Nina Ricci, 7890 rub. Another Eastern floral fragrance with an incredibly subtle sound. If you are bright, freedom-loving and always feminine, this fragrance is exactly yours. In the top notes pink pepper sounds, combined with delicate aromas of roses and white flowers in the heart of the composition. Spicy trail, amber, cedar and musk make the melody truly luxurious.

Lotus flowers

Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette, Bvlgari, 5890 rub. What can be more refined, sweet and tender than delicate lotus flowers, fruit bouquet and refined bamboo notes? Very elegant feminine scent makes men crazy. This composition will be the perfect completion of your image and its main decoration.

Citrus freshness

Aroma L'Eau de Cologne, L'Artisan Parfumeur, price on request. Aroma from the group of citrus fujerny. Delicate, but at the same time fresh composition. Lemon in this composition is combined with delicate notes of verbena, basil and soft jasmine, refreshing mint, and oak moss.

Gentle peony

Eau de toilette Pivoine Flora, L'Occitane, 3500 rubles. A delightful floral scent will make a man fall in love with you at first sight. Very gentle and soft shades of bergamot and grapefruit are gently combined with rose and peony, and in the base notes there are deep sandalwood and musk.