A woman can be called strong and confident if she knows these 4 rules.

You are given only one life. Make it unique and inimitable, to live as you want - in your hands. Do not explain and prove anything to others, do not waste your energy. You are the only person to whom you owe something. Of course, there will be people who will prove to you the opposite, try to impose their opinion, but you can always deal with these reasons. So you owe nothing to anyone.

Because you have an opinion

It doesn't matter what you think about the global economy, whether you are legally married and are going to have children. You are not obliged to give anyone an account of how you live and plan to live. This is your personal life, your choice, your personal opinion. Do not worry about what people think.

Because you yourself are responsible for your actions.

Your actions are your actions.
It doesn't matter what university you entered, go to work as a waiter in a summer restaurant, or get a tattoo on your right leg - these are your actions for which only you are responsible.

Because these are your mistakes.

Even if your actions were wrong and in the end you made a mistake, it’s not worth explaining anything to anyone. Few people learn from the mistakes of others. Usually people like to step on their rakes, perhaps more than once.

Because it's your life

The most valuable thing you have is life. The way you live it, which path you take, depends only on you. Life is your responsibility to yourself, not to anyone else.

You must do everything to live happily. Infinitely following the advice of others, you risk missing the realization of your goals. You must learn to take responsibility for yourself in order to live a full life.

But it is worth remembering that no one owes you anything either. You should not expect from people loud words and courageous deeds, so you do not get upset once again. Just take it easy and live a vibrant life.