8 alarming bells of male behavior that he no longer loves you

A woman in advance, deeply subconsciously and intuitively feels when the love of her man begins to fade. And this is manifested not so much by his behavior towards her, but by his actions and attitude to the world around him. To finally make sure or, on the contrary, calm down, you need to pay close attention to these 8 signs.

1. He is interested in other women.

And shamelessly does it right before your eyes, without disdaining to flirt and outright flirting. In addition, he literally "eats" with his eyes every pretty girl passing by and unequivocally comments on her appearance.

2. It constantly “freezes” in the phone.

Of the worst options - he is in correspondence with his mistress and carefully hides it from you. The option is a bit calmer - in this way it goes away from communicating with you, disconnecting and plunging into another world.

3. He plunges into work

A man may not even stay up late and come up with excuses, he just really starts working abruptly like an ox. As if he wants to run away from something, hide, fill the emptiness inside himself and get rid of obsessive thoughts.

4. He is immersed in his own thoughts.

The best description of this is a “glassy” look, when a man looks as though through a wall, at some object visible only to him. At such moments, his face takes an absolutely detached and absent expression - he, it seems, is here, but, at the same time, he is not there.

5. He spends a lot of time with friends

Much more than before, and these meetings are becoming increasingly large-scale and riotous in nature. A man tries to spend as much time as possible outside the home, and friends for this could not be more suitable option.

6. He says he has apathy

Oh, this is a terrible word - male apathy. They usually say this when they are afraid to directly name the cause of the decadent mood and longing. This kind of disguise: "I have apathy, and therefore I do not know what I want, how to live, and what I need."

7. He has new hobbies.

A man, for no reason at all, begins to be interested in the fact that he had never been touched before. He is completely immersed in the subject of his hobbies, finds a new hobby for himself and takes them almost all of his time, going into this business with his head.

8. He separates his own finances.

Now he has his own money and an emergency reserve, which the ion manages at its discretion and, most importantly, considers it absolutely normal. Perhaps this is one of the most alarming bells that you need to pay attention.