The best way to make a man to be generous

Every woman is looking for a man who will be a support, hope, a stone wall, that is, those who solve all her problems, take under her wing and secure a decent future for her and her posterity. As you know, to make life more comfortable and money-free future is helped by money - no one will argue with that. Therefore, we can say that women are primarily looking for such a man who will be able to financially help. Yes, it is pure mercantile spirit, but it is.

A woman is by nature a creature that is always looking for benefit - and this is by no means condemned, because this is the way the female brain works, our life, and all this has been going since ancient times. The young ladies have plenty of ways to dissolve a man for money. Some methods are good, some are not very good, some men are amenable to "treatment", and some do not react at all.

Perhaps the worst way is to build a scandalous envious bitch out of oneself or, on the contrary, an offended poor thing, whose everything is bad and which needs urgent help. Understand, men are not interested in your problems in the form of misunderstanding with relatives, quarrels with friends and troubles at work. The main thing that men look for in a relationship is peace. Everything. And if you don’t constantly load it with your own problems, and then list all your debts, outstanding loans, non-purchased bags and dresses, then a man’s brain has one thought: I’ll definitely not have peace with this woman. hiding from her. You have to be smarter and take another tactic.

I have a friend Marina. Yes, Marina is exactly that cold-blooded and prudent, but not a bitch and not hysterical. Marina has a man who literally wears her in her arms and blows away invisible specks of dust. He paid for her studies at the university, bought her an apartment, gave her a fur coat, every six months they fly to the sea, well, I don’t even talk about the little things and bonuses in the form of flowers, jewelry and cute gifts.

How did she do it? Elementary. From the first day of her acquaintance, Marina turned on the mode of a “nice kind girl”. She never spread about her income and financial problems, did not ask for help and gifts, did not complain, didn’t ache, didn’t throw hysterics and scandals. And besides, Marina gave out such numbers in bed that the man simply blew off the roof from lust. After a while, her pious self would offer her help, but Marina, a pure soul, refused - she didn’t need anything, she would cope with everything herself, and she wouldn’t be bothered to bother him with her own problems. Having broken for some time, Marina, reluctantly, began to settle for gifts, help, and cute surprises. And then it began: by this time the "treated" man already felt like a brave knight: how not to help a sweet and proud princess? And the code after the categorical failures, when Marina finally allowed herself to help, her beloved was so unspeakably happy about this, that she literally threw her all over from head to toe.

Basically, that's the whole secret. Most importantly, you need to understand that your main assistants will be calm, docility and feminine trick. And the rest will follow itself.