5 trends in 2019 in coloring for brunettes

Being a brunette is not boring at all! Especially if you know with what coloring you can add hair volume and it is beneficial to dilute the solid color. It can be just bright glare with a fashionable effect of burnt strands, or a full color in the most current shades of the season. You can become a copper brunette or chocolate brunette, achieve a cold shade or, on the contrary, saturated and warmer, or make a fashionable ombre. The choice is yours!

Here are a few coloring ideas that will improve your natural shade without a loss.

Dusty copper

Red hair shade now in trend. To make it work on darker strands, ask your stylist to add a few amber tones during the dyeing, which will refresh the natural color of your hair.
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Mocha ombre

Can you think of something more “tasty” than a mix of chocolate shades? Dark strands, light and all shades between them - such iridescent coloring with highlights does not require special care, while it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Mushroom brown

This earthy brown shade is cold and muffled. For brunettes, this is a simple way to lighten the strands without harming your curls. You will be able to achieve iridescent golden hue, which looks very natural and rich.

Mixed staining

One of the main trends in staining. This shade offers an excellent balance between light and dark tones and transforms the complexion. This is also a great transitional color, if you have not yet decided whether you want to be a brunette or a blonde.

Cool brown

You can get this trendy modern shade with ultra-thin cold highlights from the middle of the hair to the tips and especially from the strands that frame your face. Such glare will visually add volume to your curls and successfully dilute the monochromatic coloring.