25 trifles in a man who put him on the bottom in the female eyes

Yes, at first glance, these are all mere trifles and insignificant nonsense, but it is from them that the general perception of the man and the further relationship with him are made up.

1. Stupid jokes below the belt

2. Fake watches and clothing brands

3. Dirty expressions

4. Demonstration of their own welfare

5. Stories about ex-girls

6. Making fun of feminism

7. Permanent look into the phone

8. Gold “seals” on fingers

9. Conversations in male cosmetics and perfumes

10. Shirt, buttoned under the throat

11. Stories about your mother

12. Golden chain two fingers thick

13. “Selfies” by heart

14. Men's boots

15. Enumerate your own exploits in the bedroom

16. Ear ring in one ear (yes, this is not at all fashionable and even vulgar)

17. Long retellings of films and serials.

18. Carefully styled hair

19. Stories of their diseases

20. Unkempt beard

21. Mockery of nearby women

22. Neglect of food, people and surroundings.

23. Stories about their adventures under the influence of alcohol

24. Jeans with “motney” to the knees

25. Million photos on Instagram