15 forbidden topics that can not be discussed with her husband


Even if your man for you is the closest person you trust one hundred percent, there are topics on which it is better never to start a conversation.

Past relationship

Although yours, even though it is a closed topic, a past that is better not to stir up. Why do you need to know which figure was his former, and him - what size bouquets gave you the last man. All this provokes jealousy, resentment and quarrels, so it is better not to discuss what has sunk into oblivion.

His parents

Parents are sacred, so it’s better not to touch them or go into discussions. Firstly, it looks low and ugly - discussing the closest people of your man behind your back, and secondly, you can strongly offend and touch him, saying something unpleasant about them.

Critical days

Let this topic remain for discussion with friends, okay? Men are not particularly important to know all the details of such a personal and intimate process.

The size of his dignity

Men are very painful and jealous of this topic, so do not say anything at all, or praise him as a sex giant - there is no third option.

Your preferences in men

Leave it to yourself or better discuss with the friends of that handsome actor, a handsome new colleague and a tall, handsome stranger at the opposite table. For your man, such topics can be the subject of jealousy and resentment.


This is a very intimate topic that brings little pleasure from the discussion. We do not think that he would be interested to know the details of your indigestion or constant heartburn.

The flaws of his figure

Never discuss your faults with a man, but turn them into virtues! Then he will think that the ideal woman is before him!

Complaints about your children

Do not complain to him about the children, do not say how tired you are, and how everything is fed up, in the end, this is your children too. With such behavior, you instill in your man a feeling of guilt that will constantly torment him, as if he deliberately burdened you with offspring and planted you at the stove.

Problem skin

He clearly should not know the whole arsenal of tools and efforts that you put in order to get rid of the hated acne and acne. Do not focus on your shortcomings - and no one will notice them.

Secrets of its beauty

Do not tell a man that your hair is actually yellow and not rich chestnut, that you increase eyelashes every month, poke botox and wear corrective underwear. Let it remain in ignorance and consider all your beauty natural and natural.

Dissatisfaction with his hobbies and interests

Do not tell a man that his hobbies, interests and hobbies - this is nonsense. Even if you don’t share it, never criticize it, as it will sow the seed of discord between you, and settle self-doubt in it.

His friends

Well, here is almost the same as with parents. Speaking badly about his friends, you automatically talk badly about your man. If he is friends with them and chose them as his closest comrades, you just have to accept his choice and not try to change something.

Your stormy youth and past mistakes

Even if you want to expose your soul and reveal yourself, better take care of your man from stories about parties, drunks and promiscuity at a young age. Also do not tell about the missteps, errors and firewood that you managed to break. Let him consider you a pure and gentle angel, his princess, whose past is pure and crystal.

The actors that attract you

Well, this is a clear male rivalry and a reason for jealousy - to know that there are those who like you more than him. Here it is, a blow to male vanity ...

Beautiful girls

Want to sleep well? Then don't ask him about the girls he likes. This conversation you absolutely will not achieve anything, and, perhaps, only more upset. Well, so what if the spectacular beauty passed by, and he spent her burning eyes? This is a male psychology, and he loves only you!