10 unpleasant, but long-awaited signals that you have become a woman in a million


When you go through the thorny path to the formation of your “I”, which then allows you to reach heights, changes are inevitable during this period, which can be unpleasant for you. Your loved ones may also be dissatisfied with certain changes, because you gain your own personality, which will no longer allow you to manage.

The following 10 situations can alert you, but know: if they occur in your life, you become the same woman who knows her worth. So do not be intimidated by these changes, they are an indispensable part of your transformation.

1. You do everything yourself and feel isolated from others

The older you get, the more you handle everything yourself. It creates the feeling that you do not want to be someone's burden. You even always say “I already have it” to those who sincerely wish to help you. In most situations when you feel lonely and isolated, you will be proud that you are both strong and independent.

2. You are aware that you have problems

You know for sure that you have problems to overcome. Be it anxiety, mood swings, trust problems and all others that interfere with well-being. You will begin to find out when, how, and under what conditions they appear, and there will be ways to make every effort to solve them.

3. You want to break with unnecessary relationships

Over time, you realize that you have a lot of friends, but few friends. You begin to doubt your relationships with other people. You begin to understand who is real and who is not, who wants to stay, and who is the opposite. You will feel sad and frustrated by losing some of the friends you loved. But you are brave enough to break off relationships that poisoned and emotionally insulted your inner self.

4. You find it difficult to trust others

Not only because you are selective towards your friends, but also because it is not easy for you to buy into nonsense. You have already been disappointed several times with a breach of promise or betrayal. You know exactly what the real world is. But as soon as you believe someone, you will be devoted to him and will do everything to preserve this relationship.

5. It seems to you that life is boring.

It is difficult for you to feel satisfied with life, as there is always something more that we would like to achieve. Yes, the routine and work will be tiring to death, but you will think: "And then what?". This will make you always strive for more. Moreover, your life is “boring”, just because there is less drama in it. What can be proud of.

6. You know the feeling of sadness

For you, life is not sugar. There are hopeful days, but there are moments when you feel that you are at the lowest point of your life. You are able to accept a broken heart, failure, frustration and a feeling of sadness. You understand that life does not always consist of happiness. But even if you feel pain, you can recover and learn a lesson.

7. You always feel that you have little time

Increasingly, you feel that 24 hours a day is not enough for you. You barely get enough sleep and always find yourself in tense situations. It is a struggle to devote time to yourself and your loved ones. You will always be engaged in something and sometimes you will be too diligent. This means that you have a strong intention to be successful.

8. You regret the mistakes of the past.

You blame yourself for the mistakes that were made in the past. You acknowledge that these were bad decisions and sometimes you want everything to return to how it was before. But understand that regret will not lead to anything, and the only thing that can be done is not to repeat the same mistakes again.

9. You miss childhood, family and loved ones

Growing up is not always pleasant, and you constantly look back on your former life when everything was in its place. You live on your own, but being separated from family and friends is not easy. But deep down you don't want to give up. You are fully aware that achievement and success will be the best gift for all those you love.

10. You feel confused and worried about the future.

You seem bold and strong, but most of the time you feel extremely insecure in your own life. You have always asked yourself what you really need and the purpose of your life. You do not know what exactly life should be, because something unexpected is constantly happening. But despite all the fears and worries, you are able to control yourself in order to fulfill your obligations and work. You always come to your senses once at the end of the day and realize that everything will happen according to your schedule.