A true lady can be identified by these 7 signs.

A real lady is always welcome. Men, in each of which somewhere a real gentleman lives deeply, wants to see such a woman next to him. Seductive, knowing the price and able to present themselves. What qualities is it different?

Internal discipline

A real lady always owns herself. She will not allow herself to fall for someone if she is in a bad mood or is not satisfied with something.


She is generous, always responsible for herself and for the situation. Pettiness, rancor and other negative qualities of character are not very characteristic of her.


This lady always appreciates both her time and the time of others, and therefore she is never late.


A smile is a constant attribute on her face. She is sincere and friendly towards people, knows how to serve herself and is therefore always at the center of attention.

Ability to keep a distance

Despite the previous point, a real lady never crosses personal boundaries.


She is faultlessly brought up, speaks beautifully and is able to lead a conversation. She does not touch someone's feelings in a conversation, and is always emphatically polite. Such a woman is always remembered as a pleasant companion.


Sutulaya back and hunched shoulders have nothing to do with the image of a real lady. She always has perfect posture, and a look forward. An exquisite woman can be seen immediately, and you can literally recognize her by walking.