5 things you can never do for a man

Love always implies sacrifice, abandonment of one's interests and desires in favor of a partner and dedication. But, of course, everything must be within reasonable limits. You should not put a cross on yourself and live exclusively a man. There are 5 things that you can never do in any way to your own detriment.

1. Financially provide it

Since ancient times, the earner in the family has always been a man. He brought home a mammoth, and the grateful wife prepared food and sewed warm skins. Now, in fact, everything remains as well - the man earns and brings money into the house, and the woman takes care of the family and creates comfort. In no case can not be charged with financial problems, give this prerogative to your partner. And besides, the men very quickly feel the freebie and the opportunity to relax, if you just give him a reason to strive for nothing, he will immediately calm down and will not do anything at all.

2. Change your appearance

If your man constantly expresses dissatisfaction with your appearance and asks you to change your hairstyle, then lose weight, then don’t wear that dress, because it unfavorably emphasizes your crooked legs, you should think, and would you rather not part? If a man is with you, it means he takes on your appearance and appearance, not noticing the flaws and, moreover, not pointing at them.

3. Agree on what you really don't want

For example, on experiments in bed. If you really do not want to try new horizons in the sexual arena, do not go after the man, just to make him pleasant. Firstly, you will not get any pleasure from it, and secondly, it can simply get used to the fact that you can agree on anything for it, you just have to press on you.

4. Show pity towards him

A man can be encouraged, consoled, inspired confidence, but in no case be sorry. Pity is a woman’s prerogative, a woman may need pity, but not a strong man. After that, he will feel humiliated and trampled. Better find other opportunities to help him and boost morale.

5. Justify him

Yes, sometimes I just want to find words of justification for his offenses and bad deeds, because in fact he is so good and wonderful. But by doing this, you yourself are digging a deep hole for yourself: the man stops feeling guilty and continues to hurt you again and again. Be able to look at everything soberly and through the prism of reality, so that time after time you do not step on the same rake.