10 bitter signs that he is not a couple for you, even if you love him


If you want to meet the love of your life, you need to stop meeting with the "wrong" men. Unfortunately, many women cannot recognize the warning signs indicating that the relationship will not last long.

If you do not want your heart broken, there are certain signs that your man is not your soulmate.

1. You can not trust him

If you constantly question the motives of your man - what he tells you, or his whereabouts - then something is wrong here. If you always act like Sherlock Holmes, he definitely does some suspicious things, and this in itself proves that there is no future in your relationship. You can not constantly carry out "investigation", it's just tiring. A soul mate will respect you, even when you are not around.

Without trust, no relationship.

2. You communicate badly

He seems to understand the concept of good communication, but for some reason he does not seem to find a way to put this into practice. He either quarrels with you or does not speak at all. When it comes to your needs and desires, he simply does not put any effort. Sorry, but without good communication, your relationship will not last long.

Communication is one of the most important ways in which we maintain healthy relationships. A soul mate does everything possible to find a middle ground when it comes to each other's needs.

3. You have no emotional intimacy.

If you feel that your relationship is superficial, and your man doesn’t care, it means that he probably doesn’t really invest in a relationship. You should know your man by heart, and this applies not only to physical proximity. You need to know who he is, what he wants in life, what his goals, dreams and fears are.

A soul mate will want to penetrate deeply into your soul in order to learn all these things, therefore, if your man is not at all interested in opening up to you or learning about you and what is important to you, then he will not suit you.

4. You feel uncomfortable when you are near him

If, being near him, you feel that you cannot be yourself, because he causes constant anxiety in you, stress and takes you out of yourself, he is not that person. He should want you to feel happy and loved, not tense and sad.

Remember to stay true to yourself.

5. There are no common values ​​in your relationship.

All values ​​are different. Any relationship implies a compromise, but if your values ​​are too different from the values ​​of your man, you will face serious problems. If his values ​​contradict your own, it may be time to end the relationship and move on. Like-minded people will have a common vision of their future.

6. You are no longer having fun with him.

If the feeling of adventure and fun disappeared after the honeymoon phase, then why do you even meet this person? You need a man who wants to continue to delight you. If he is only interested in sitting at home and it doesn’t matter to him that you want to have a real party for which both of you will go out, then obviously there is a problem.

7. He does not make your life better

You deserve someone who helps your personal growth and makes you feel that you have infinite potential. A soul mate will show you the best side of life: the one about which you did not even suspect.

This is the one who makes you see your potential when you are not confident. If your partner does not bring this into your life, it's time to find someone to do it.

8. You are the exact opposite of each other.

He likes to stay at home, and you like to spend as much time as possible outside. You want children, but he doesn't. He loves pets, and you do not. You do not need to meet someone who is like you, but you do not want him to be your opposite. The differences are good if you can find a middle ground. But there are some things you cannot compromise with.

9. You can introduce yourself to others.

You may find others attractive, this is perfectly normal. But if you can present yourself with another, then you have doubts about the relationship, and there were times when you wanted to enter into a relationship with another man. This is a warning sign. If your man was really “the same”, the thought that you were not with him would upset you, and you could not imagine yourself with someone else.

10. You will feel it inside

If there is something in a relationship that causes you to feel dissatisfied, then your intuition will let you know that he is not the one you need. If you are wondering if he is your soul mate, probably you just did not admit to yourself that this is not so! So do it. It may sound silly, but a soul mate makes your heart beat faster, and you will definitely know when you meet "the very one." You will have no doubts about this.

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, it means that he is not your soul mate. You can be happy with him, but not as happy as if he were a really suitable man for you.

Trust your intuition.