5 things in your cosmetic bag that will give old age

Women at any age are stored in a cosmetics bag things that give the number in the passport. This happens unconsciously, so no one is in a hurry to get rid of the excess (and it would be necessary).

Pink blush

When a girl has pink cheeks, she invariably seems to men fresh and young. This trick may well ride with the ladies at the age, if not for one thing. Pink shade is no longer in fashion. If you followed trends more often, you would know about it. Where better to choose a peach shade.

Thick powder

Nobody likes wrinkles, and they really want to hide them. Ladies resort to the help of dense powder, beyond which sometimes nothing is visible. Including the face, which turns into a real mask.

Poison red lipstick

Perhaps this lipstick has been lying around with you since the last century and is still waiting for its high point. But believe me, it will not wait. If you want red lipstick, choose deep cold shades.

Blue shadows

This is the makeup about which we can safely say that for adults I will give it a taboo. Nothing else can make you more ridiculous and tasteless than the blue shadows in your eyes. And they aggravate the situation if you have bruises under your eyes. Such techniques were permissible only in the 90s.

Lip pencil

With age, many ladies start using lip liners. However, one wrong move, and instead of a well-groomed beauty, you will turn into a young aunt. A lip liner can make you look very old. But the fuzzy contour will refresh your image.