Eye bags: 4 unexpected reasons

Many people ask: why a woman who has a full 7−9-hour sleep, does not suffer from allergies - bags under the eyes? What is the reason? One of them may be wrong eye care.

Cosmetic irritant ingress into delicate eye area.

Of course, such ingredients of cosmetics as retinol, salicylic and glycolic acid perfectly care for the skin of the face. At the same time, they are strong irritants, and if applied to the delicate area around the eyes, bags may appear under the eyes. You begin to rub irritated skin, and this leads to inflammation, damage to blood vessels, thus swelling occurs and bags appear under the eyes.

“The same result can be expected by those who use facial cleansing brushes (manual or electric), especially if they are used around the eyes,” says Ellen Marmour, a professor of dermatology and genomic research at the Sinai Medical Center. How to avoid this: around the eyes there is a “bone” area - this is the orbital bone, and even any potential cosmetic stimuli should not cross it.

Incomplete washing of hair and face care products

The most common cause of eyelid dermatitis (a disease that precedes the appearance of puffiness under the eyes) is shampoos, conditioners, cleansers for the skin of the face that fall into the folds of the eyelid, says Matthew Zirvasa, director of the Contact Dermatitis Center. Their combination with mascara, eye shadow, makeup remover and fragrances not only irritates the eyes, but exacerbates the situation. Because each of them, although not so often, can cause dermatitis on their own.

How to avoid it: make sure that after the procedure of washing the face and hair is washed off all means - shampoos, conditioners, cleansing gels for the face. If there is a tendency to allergies - you should choose hypoallergenic means for skin care of the face, to reduce the likelihood of allergen in the eyes. The only ingredient that should be avoided by all is Methylisothiazolinone, which is used in makeup removers. Since it causes allergies, one should study the composition of the means for its presence (it does not have other names, so it will be easy to do this).

Consuming large amounts of salt

Any diet with a large amount of salt can lead to the fact that water will linger in the body, and in the most unexpected places, including the area under the eyes. If you do not take into account the usual source of salt products (white bread, pizza, sausages), for example, a portion of cottage cheese (450 g), where salt is almost 20% of the daily dose, and soy sauce may well cause swelling under the eyes .

How to avoid it: according to the recommendations on nutrition, you should use no more than 2300 mg of salt per day (1500 mg - for people older than 50 years who have diabetes or high blood pressure). In addition, you can use caffeine eye cream - constricts blood vessels and eliminates bags. You can also apply cold compresses on the area under the eyes.

Rapid weight loss in several sizes

Everyone knows that the aging process of the body is directly related to the occurrence of puffiness under the eyes. But rapid weight loss has the same effects. Zeyshner notes that rapid weight loss can lead to a loss of volume in the cheeks, disrupting the smooth transition from the lower part of the eye to the cheek.

How to avoid this: cold compresses can be a good temporary solution (for small-sized bags). The most effective are fillers (fillers) - they will restore the volume of the cheeks and balance the baggy look of the area under the eyes. If the bags are very noticeable, the doctor may advise you to contact a plastic surgeon to correct the defect.