6 reasonable explanations of female treason

It is customary to think that men change much more often than women. And this is understandable - the topic of men's treason has long been obmusoloena, discussed and sorted out by bone - smart books on psychology write about it, talk about it in a TV show, discuss it in various forums, trainings and seminars. But the topic of women's treason is often sealed for seven locks. No, everyone, of course, knows that women are also vicious, but society prefers to hide this fact deep, deeply, because discussing it is akin to showing dirty laundry.

But, nevertheless, women are also changing. Of course, the percentage of such changes is lower than that of men, but also not so small. So why women change? We will try to understand this sensitive issue.

1. New love

Yes, it is trite, but sometimes women are covered with a new love head, and that is why they decide to change. Such relationships most often do not end simply with nothing: feelings subside, the mind takes over, the intensity of passions falls, and all interest in a new partner simply disappears.

2. Insult, revenge

Women remember offenses for a very long time - this is a long-proven fact. Therefore, there are such cases when women change in order to make a man hurt in retaliation because he offended her. Especially often this happens when a woman finds out about her partner's mistress and strikes him back - finds a man on the side. Such relationships, among other things, are great help to forget and get away from all the pain associated with the betrayal of a loved one.

3. Boredom

Yes, women can also be bored in relationships, like men, and then, to entertain themselves, to refresh emotions and feelings, they find themselves having an affair on the side. After such distractions, the woman feels rejuvenated, full of strength and ready for later life with her regular partner.

4. Lack of sex

And this reason is also the place to be. When a man does not want a woman or avoids sex in every way, she needs to find another - the one who will want her, desire and show new horizons in her sexual life.

5. Emotional emptiness

A man for a woman is, above all, a friend and companion who understands her feelings, emotions and mood, with which she can share what worries and excites her. Sometimes women feel emotional coldness and detachment of a partner in relationships, so they are looking for someone who will replace this indifference and understand their state of mind.

6. Depression

Depression, bad mood, dissatisfaction with everyone around and apathy may indicate depression. Some women in such moments lock themselves in, not wanting to change anything and contact anyone, and some, on the contrary, are looking for an outlet to get rid of such a state. Outing often becomes a lover who helps to change the situation, look at all the other eyes and just take a break from everything. Such treason heals and helps to find harmony with oneself.