Haircuts that look great on mature women


With age, a number of not very pleasant changes occur. Wrinkles, slow metabolism, health problems. However, there are things that should not change with age. So, regardless of your age, a gorgeous, bright haircut is something that you should have like a strong, sexy woman. Do not think that with age it is necessary to say goodbye to long hair and give way to gray strands.

Most stylists agree that the key to a beautiful haircut is the courage to try something new. One of the fastest ways to look older is to walk with the same haircut for decades. As times and trends change, do not be afraid to update your image. At the same time, if you have already found your corporate style that is perfect for you and in which you feel most confident, continue to keep it.

If you do not know what haircut to do to look young and stylish, study our guide to haircuts that look great on mature women and instantly shed off a dozen or so years.

Long bean

The beauty of such a haircut is that it is very versatile, just to take care of her and she is always in fashion. In addition, it fits all - regardless of age. A long bob instantly adds style and sophistication to the image. To maintain the shape of the haircut, do not forget to update it every month.
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Bangs are always in trend and can complement any face shape, but first make sure that your stylist understands exactly what suits your face shape. The fact is that bangs can instantly change the appearance of your face, so it is important to choose the best shape for you. The right bang is able to make you look very young and sexy, and the wrong one - on the contrary, make your nose, forehead or cheeks visually twice as large.
@ madam_models Most often, stylists recommend mature women to make long and thin bangs. Too short bangs can look boring.

Long hair

If you are not twenty years old, this does not mean that you need to give up long hair. In fact, a lot depends on the texture of your hair and how healthy they look. But the main thing, of course, is what hairstyle you want yourself.
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Short haircut

Dare! A mature woman with a fascinating inner confidence can tame any bold and modern image better than any youth.

Pixie extended

In the case of elongated pixie, the hairs on the sides and back are very shortly trimmed, and on the top they are longer and fall with a stylish bang, which can be laid in one direction. It will help make the face more subtle and create a trendy look.

Layered haircut

To keep hair from looking too bulky, stylists recommend making layers with any haircut, regardless of length. Layering adds sheer lightness and style, hair does not look boring, and you do not look old.
@ elenalunevall Multi-layer haircut can also provide your hair with great volume. Our hair tends to thin out with age, so visual volume is a great way to keep your strands healthy and youthful.

Correct hair shade

Any haircut will not look good enough on you if an inappropriate shade is chosen. Many shades often age us, while others magically make us look ten or even twenty years younger.

The most correct coloring - with highlights, as monochromatic shades, especially dark ones, can look dull and lifeless and, as a rule, emphasize the imperfections of the aged skin, than distract from them.

The shape of the haircut that suits your face type

When making a new haircut, it is important to take into account the characteristics of your type of face. In general, according to experts, haircuts look good below any chin with any type of face. And the rest must take into account the individual characteristics. Bangs, for example, can emphasize the eyebrows, a beautiful slit of the eyes and hide the broad forehead. Strands, layers of the face can make the contour of the face more subtle and emphasize the cheekbones.

By the way, it is important to consider not only the features of your face, but also the texture of your hair. It depends on how one way or another haircut will behave in life.
@ larisa.grig By highlighting your strengths with a haircut, you can gain greater confidence. By the way, using the curls of the desired shape and length, you can also hide wrinkles or at least shade them and divert attention from them. Check with your stylist to find a haircut that will suit all your needs and will look perfect on you.