Zodiac signs, which are most unlucky in love



You tend to be impulsive and impatient, want to do what you want and right now. If your partner is slow and does not like to take risks, then a conflict may develop between you. You tend to act without thinking or considering anyone’s needs or desires.


You are too obsessed with your things and people. You need a lot of time to let your guard down and let someone in your life, but as soon as you do, then hold on to them with a steel grip. When you know that someone is “yours,” he may feel depressed and start pulling away. You need to loosen your grip, otherwise you will definitely lose these people.


You usually do not have enough stability. Your partner does not know what he will get if he is near you. At one moment, Gemini thinks he should marry, and after a while, marriage is the last thing he wants. It is hard to understand how you feel, especially when everything can completely change in the next hour. You think this trait makes you interesting, but it’s actually annoying and annoying. When someone is consistent, you know that he is reliable, but when vice versa, it is hard to believe that a person will be there when it is needed.


You may be too emotional. Everyone has good and bad days and a lot of emotions that accompany them. All for you worthy of high drama. You are like every character in one opera. Your emotions are constantly on top. There are some things that need to be ignored and move on. Your mood can be tedious for others.

a lion

Your jealousy is known to destroy relationships. This is strange because you are confident, have a healthy ego, and yet sometimes are very jealous. Monster - not the role that suits you. You must be sure that your love knows how good she is with you. If she doesn’t instill this, then it’s time to change your partner and not to shake your nerves.


Because of your penchant for criticism, you can begin to constantly denounce. It's not that you think you are perfect - you are fully aware of your own shortcomings - you just expect the partner to be flawless. It is hard to be with someone who condemns and seeks inconsistencies with a made-up ideal. This puts stress on any relationship. No one likes being convicted, even if it is for his own good.


You are not picky enough. This means that you are usually so excited when someone loves you, they are convinced that you also like them, and the next thing that happens is that you are in relationships that do not work or do not satisfy at all. It is necessary to hold back a little before associating life with someone, and see if your chosen one really attracts you.


Sometimes something goes wrong in your personal life, because you love to manipulate. You should not force or force someone to do what you want. The partner is not your puppet; he must make decisions and be responsible for his actions. You have to believe that he will do the right thing, and if he makes a mistake, he will gain experience. No one wants to be used for someone else's benefits.


You tend to see things the way you want, and when reality interrupts your imagination, it’s hard for you to handle it. It’s fantastic that you’re so optimistic and open to everything, but you need to be prepared (or at least aware) when things go awry. When you do not notice the realities of relationships, they may just break. When something goes wrong with your partner, you simply move on to something new, never changing and not trying to see what went wrong. That is why you are one of the signs of the zodiac, which is not lucky in love.


You are convinced that your relationship will go wrong, and therefore just wait for them to fail. The thing is: not all relationships end with a broken heart. Do not expect the worst all the time, and you may be pleasantly surprised. In addition, if you are gloomy and doomed, you can miss all the joy that brings a relationship, even if at some point it ends.


Sometimes you spoil the good just because you want. You think it's funny to contradict or create problems. It is interesting to look at how someone reacts when you are deliberately angry, but this does not bode well. You can keep the interest more positive ways. It does not make you interesting, but it makes you upset and makes trust difficult.


You tend to be overly sensitive and can make your partner feel that he must be careful not to upset you. This kind of dynamics creates a huge burden on relationships. The partner will begin to think that he cannot be himself and express everything that he wishes. People stop liking “walking in a minefield”. Pisces is not always a sacrifice, and their partner should not feel that he needs to treat them as something extremely fragile.