The mistake he makes when you like him too much according to his zodiac sign



Aries make too many plans. You had only one more or less successful date, as you have already received an invitation from Aries for his sister's upcoming wedding. He would restrain his ardor, because he exerts too much pressure on you. No plans for the future except a second date.


Taurus is jealous of your ex for no reason. It scares you that he is already behaving possessively and jealously towards you, despite the fact that you have not spent much time together. If this is just an example of how he will behave with you, better refrain from such an experience.


The twins cannot stop talking about themselves. You would really like to insert a word and start a normal conversation, but you can’t do it with the Twins, who are talking about their past relationships, work and talents. Now you know everything that you need: Twins are completely obsessed with themselves.


The main problem with the Man-Cancer relationship is that he gives up too soon. He first invited you on a date, and you refused, citing employment. From now on, he will never call you anywhere again, which, in turn, gives you reason to believe that he is not ready to try a little for your sake.

a lion

Lions are used to always get what they want, but if they like someone very much, there is a chance that the situation may not develop according to plan. When he is nervous, he lists all the women with whom he slept, as if it somehow defines him. Since you will still not contact his ex to get some information about him, you will most likely just ignore him and skip the next scheduled dates.


When a man-Virgo really likes someone, he will try to hide it behind a veil of slight neglect, not realizing that this does not increase his level of attractiveness at all. As soon as you try to get rid of him, he will begin to analyze everything that you are doing and will come to the conclusion that he is to blame for everything.


The main mistake in the relationship that the Libra man makes is the absence of any plan. They hope that the tactics of improvisation on the move will work on the first date, since determination is clearly not about them. Your standard dialogue on a spontaneous date is likely to consist of ongoing questions about what you would like to do. Any planned date in your case will always be a success.


The problem of Scorpio is that it behaves as if it has a surplus of testosterone. Nobody needs an alfasam man who will only insult others, boast his muscles and literally say how awesome he is.


When a Sagittarius man likes you too much, he seems to be returning to his strange adolescent period: he begins to stumble and blush, to drop everything and constantly do something wrong. You don’t have time to wait for him to finally be able to behave as usual and become himself next to you.


When a Capricorn male is struck by the attention shown to him, he becomes incredibly nervous and stern. He is too tense and serious to have a good time with you, and you are not at all interested in who looks sullen.


Male Aquarius may be wonderful, fun, intelligent, and charming, but if they like you, they may show absolutely no interest in you. Nobody wants to compete with twitter, instagram and other social networks for the sake of someone's attention.


The main mistake of Pisces is that they become ideal friends for you and do not show that they are interested in something more. You do not know how to read other people's thoughts, so you can’t even imagine that you were not on a friendly meeting, but on a real date.