6 signs of a woman who will oppress a man

It is better to stay away from such women, because contacts with them sharply beat on self-esteem, self-esteem and self-esteem. So, what are they - the most insidious, cruel and evil?

1. She shows her superiority

This woman at any opportunity, and in sheer detail, seeks to show that she is the best. By her actions, she blatantly boasts, belittles the abilities of other people, constantly criticizes everyone and tramples them all, then she has attacked her superiority over her.

2. She humiliates and insults

A despotic woman considers the insults and humiliations of other people to be a kind of hobby by which she asserts herself and increases her sense of self-worth. Moreover, her insults are sometimes so veiled by imaginary politeness and care that no one simply can answer them.

3. She discusses the people behind her back.

Gossip, intrigue and gossip behind the back is another trump card of such women. They own this art almost perfectly and use for their black schemes and prudent moves. Absolutely everyone gets to disfavor - both the closest and the captive acquaintances.

4. She behaves too freely

Scabrous jokes, too loud laughter, outrageous antics and excessive familiarity - all this also fits perfectly into the arsenal of women dictators. In this way, they attract everyone's attention, trying to be in the center of events and taking on the role of leader. And when you are a leader, it is incredibly convenient to use and manage people.

5. She is trying to control everyone

Like a cruel teacher, such a woman controls not so much her own life, as well as others. She loves to specify how to properly do, teach, criticize and put yourself as an example. Very often, these ladies put their nose into someone else's privacy, filling up with stupid tips and instructions.

6. She loses her temper at every little thing.

Perhaps this is the most obvious indicator that you are in front of a dangerous person, from whom you have to step back, block yourself and not let in your life. The surest way would be to simply not communicate or minimize all contacts.