This new restaurant will take you to the beach with the most delicious seafood.

In the midst of summer, June 21, the opening of a restaurant took place on the embankment of the Moskva River Olive Beach powered by Rybtorg - a place that pretends to be the most fashionable among the admirers of sea cuisine, and just lovers of beautiful sit, eat and drink sparkling to the sound of sailing ships.

On the opening day of the rules, the chef Maxim Polzikov: for the debut dinner, he personally chose the freshest fish and the best seafood direct supplies. However, this will continue.

Maxim treats his culinary creations especially demanding and always creative. Therefore, the dishes in the restaurant “Olive Beach powered by Rybtorg” promise to please you not only with impeccable taste, but also non-banality.

So, if you have not yet decided on the next gastropoint that you will visit this summer in Moscow, then Olive Beach powered by Rybtorg will be the perfect solution.