Get married with a child: 5 mistakes of single women with luggage

How can a young woman get out with a child, if there are so many beautiful girls around without “baggage”? Problem or imposed stereotypes.

It is possible to get married with a child - a woman with a son or daughter is more attractive to a man than the one who is 30, but without children. The main thing is not to lose self-confidence. A child is not a punishment, but a great happiness.

To get an answer to the question of how to marry a woman with a child, it is necessary to accept the fact that children have never kept a man in the family, and will not serve as a barrier to its creation. There are many stories in practice when, having met another, the husband, without hesitation, throws his own children, and leaves for her. For him, no problem, that she has a son or daughter - it does not matter. What is important is that they are together.

How to marry a woman with a child

If a woman adheres to the opinion that she, having given birth to a child, has not become worse from this, that she is no different from those who have not been married, she will still be in her life. A woman should understand once and for all that the probability of marrying a child is almost the same task as marrying without children.

Statistics show that only fifteen percent of men are not willing to take care of a non-native child, but for 85% this is not a hindrance at all. So, you need to focus on the majority and believe that all the best lies ahead.

Do not build life just around the child

Many divorced women, being outside a full-fledged family, begin to put the work and upbringing of a daughter or son above their own happiness. Sometimes this is caused by the material difficulties they face. A woman falls under the pressure of a catastrophic lack of time - everything has to be done by herself. She, wanting to marry a second time with a child, often refuses the opportunity to meet with someone, a date and does not think - there are no conditions for this.

Such an organization of life will not lead to anything good. A woman should not forget about herself. She is young, beautiful, hardworking and has the right to a happy life, which is given once. We need to find opportunities by connecting grandparents, the father of the child, in order to attend parties, interesting events, concerts, and so on. With each exit from home, the chances of a new acquaintance increase.

Discover a woman

Caring for a child, you should not "grow" in a victim. It is necessary to find time to go to a beauty salon, to allocate funds for the purchase of decent cosmetics. We must take care of our body, and not “throw” ourselves into the break through of endless everyday problems. Believe me, your child does not need such sacrifices. He wants to see his mother cheerful and cheerful. Is it easy? No, but it is possible, given the youth and desire to marry a good man.

Do not hide the child

So, step by step, you will no longer grieve about a broken marriage or that you are left alone with the baby. This state will necessarily lead to self-reliance and will attract members of the opposite sex.

And then, finally, you met a decent man. Does he need to tell about the child? It is impossible to hide, but it is necessary to say after two or three meetings. It is not necessary to devote a lot of time right away to talking about how hard it is for him, how he is ill, and in the kindergarten he does not listen to the teacher. No need to alarm problems. He liked you for his optimism, his smile, for being easy with you. And so it should continue, and life problems have been and will be - many complaints are not needed. Let him get used to the idea that you are not alone and will offer, for example, to go for a walk together or help with something.

Do not seek to impose a man

Relationships are not as easy to build as they seem. Unobtrusive behavior will be correct. You should not immediately expect that the man will immediately treat the baby as if it were his own. He needs to be given time to become addicted, so that he realizes that you and your child are one indivisible whole. Taking care of you, he will start taking care of your son (or daughter), gradually entering the role of the father.

Grow as a woman

If you are still concerned about the question: "Do women marry with children?", Then know that such marriages are registered very much. But you should not dwell on the child at meetings. It is important that your mother’s image does not overshadow your image of a friend, mistress, wife whom a man is looking for. You are a wonderful mom and no less, a wonderful woman. Over time, he will get used and fall in love with your child, if he has a fatherly instinct and soulfulness. Well, and if not - then, most likely, you are not on the way with him. He is not the hero of your romance. There will be another acquaintance that will lead to marriage.