9 rules of correspondence with a man to interest him even more

Communicating through our lives with the help of messages is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it is incredibly convenient and fascinating, and on the other, it is not always possible to understand the exact meaning of what the man wanted to convey.

In order not to read the tea leaves, it is better to read between the lines and use the 9 useful principles.

1. Do not look for hidden meaning

As a rule, men do not have the habit of expressing in hints, they state everything clearly, clearly and directly. And if he writes that he likes you, it means, in fact, it is, and you should not try to find a second bottom in his words.

2. Explain as clearly as possible.

This item directly intersects with the previous one. Once again: man's logic is horribly straightforward, so do not build florid and sentences and do not select scrupulously words. The clearer and simpler you write to him, the better.

3. Do not fill it with messages

Men do not like annoying women. Therefore, even if he did not respond to your message in the first five minutes, you should not overwhelm him with another ton, because it is quite possible that he is just busy and will pay attention to you as soon as he is free.

4. Do not discuss serious issues through correspondence.

Like it or not, and clarification of relationships and problems of increased importance is better to talk face to face. Firstly, these questions cannot be solved by messages, and secondly, you can simply distort the meaning of what is written and do not understand each other.

5. Let at least sometimes he writes the first

Suppress the temptation to send him a nice SMS as soon as you remember yesterday's enchanting date. Leave a riddle, let him write first. At the same time and check how seriously he takes you.

6. Do not be offended if he sends you a few messages

Of course, you would like a man to literally flood you with cute sms to correspond with him every free minute. But this happens quite rarely and at the stage of the candy-bouquet period. Behave in an adult and do not inflate the sponge, if he did not send you the fifteenth message in an hour.

7. Pay attention to literacy.

This is a very important indicator of how smart and intelligent a man is. Punctuation marks are particularly important, as some simply ignore them. And, of course, do not forget about your own spelling control.

8. Do not replace real communication with virtual

No correspondence will replace real human communication. Therefore, try to spend as much time as possible in each other's company and talk, looking into each other's eyes.

9. Do not get fooled by a million of his SMS compliments.

A very common practice among men is to literally overwhelm a lady with pleasant words and lush compliments. Do not rush to think that he is the best, because in reality this man may not be at all what he seems to be in correspondence.