Low-profile woman who has dishonored her man

My husband always joked that we are like two antipodes, two opposites that strangely attracted each other. In principle, this is really true, we differ in absolutely everything, from the addiction in music and ending with our favorite food. But, you know, it is even pleasant and interesting to get to know each other and find something new.

But the most important difference between us (according to the husband) is that he has two higher educations behind him (as many as two, he always emphasizes this!), And I have only 2 years of college and nothing more. I was always a little offended by his comparison, which is clearly not in my favor, because I am clearly no more stupid than him, and I earn the maid at the hotel just as much as he does, working as an ordinary office clerk.

Recently at work there was such a case. I was finishing the cleaning of rooms, when suddenly a half-naked Madame popped out of one of them and, seeing me, started screaming and outraged that the bathroom they had recently rented with her man was not clean enough. You see, it does not suit her, and I urgently need to run to them and scrub everything in a new way. Not wanting to quarrel and sort things out, I went with a sigh into the ill-fated room and, what do you think, saw my husband lying almost naked in bed!

To say that he was taken aback - to say nothing. Of course, I, too, fell into a state of stupor, but, nevertheless, I was able to pull myself together and with an impassive face went to wash the bathroom, which, by the way, shone with cleanliness. At the exit from the room I turned around and told him that we were getting a divorce. Everything. For more I did not have enough.

When I returned home, a long tirade awaited me on the answering machine that my husband (now former) was terribly disappointed in me. As it turned out, all these years he only did what he expected, that I would think again, I would go to study and find myself a normal job, for which I would not be ashamed. And I, such an infection, did not justify his hopes.

You see how convenient everything turns out - it was not he who betrayed me, but I did it because of my lack of education and shameful work.