What distinguishes the urban fashionista from the provincials: 5 hidden nuances

If a woman is from a small Russian town, which she believes is following fashion, you can immediately figure it out in a crowd. Because the capital women of fashion are ladies whose view of style is significantly different from the province. What features distinguish them?

Not afraid to experiment

Whether it is unusual combinations of shades (experiments with color solutions are not very popular in the province, for example, light yellow with gray and lilac, they like something brighter there), mixes of styles or a completely unique accessory that will make any look original. Muscovites or Petersburgers love distinctive images that clearly highlight their individuality and fresh look. Few of the provincial girls can expect the same courage.

Prefers online shopping

The capital dictates its own, a bit crazy way of life. That is why the capital fashionistas have every minute counted, because you also need to have time for a manicure or coloring, which can only be done in real time. But you can find very stylish and unusual things in online stores. If you correctly approach this issue, then you risk practically nothing, but you can save not only on time, because in online stores you can find things at great prices.

Combines luxury and mass market

The widespread view that capital women of fashion, without exception, dress only in brands, of course, is incorrect. Not all women have money for luxury, which, in general, does not prevent them from being fashionable at all. Their secret is that they combine the mass market with branded items. Only one luxury handbag or expensive shoes, and your image will look completely different.

Chooses comfortable shoes

The reason, again, is the speed at which the capital lives. Women who live here simply cannot afford to step on a 10-centimeter heel all day. They rely on more comfortable options, which, however, look no worse than the elegant boats. It was in Moscow that, first of all, the European trend for comfort strengthened, which we all definitely enjoyed.

Avoids jewelry

Not really, of course, avoided. However, you will not see the capital woman of fashion, hung with jewelry from head to toe. And even if you see, nobody will call it fashionable here. Despite this, Muscovites sometimes like to put an accent in their image with the help of a correct and original accessory or decoration. Of course, it will be only one, because it is definitely not fashionable to resemble a Christmas tree in Moscow.