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10 rules of this woman that you do not like

Many girls parents prefer to grow in ignorance, hiding that the world around is not so clean, rosy and fabulous, and life does not resemble a fairy tale. When the princess grows up and becomes an adult, confronting the cruel realities of life, she lowers her hands and falls into despair. Therefore, it is better to be pre-grounded and prepared for the fact that magic happens only in children's films.

1. It is impossible to prove anything to anyone.

Break the wall, but believe me, trying to convince someone of something is a useless exercise. Therefore, do not waste your strength, nerves and time on this, but silently do what you consider necessary, without making excuses and reporting to anyone.

2. There are no princes on a white horse

No matter how painful it was to realize it, but every adult girl should know that there are no princes in real life. No one will save you, solve your problems, provide and create a perfect world around you. The conclusion from this is one: we must take everything into our own hands and arrange our own life on our own.

3. A woman should be a little man

Not in the sense that it should turn into a masculine being, not at all. Every woman should have male qualities of character: assertiveness, leadership, purposefulness, composure - then it will be easier for you to live and achieve what you want, you'll see!

4. You can not dissolve in a man

This is the biggest mistake of all women! We must live by ourselves, our lives, our desires, goals and dreams, and not turn into the silent shadow of our partner.

5. Men love fools

This common truth has long been tested and proven countless times. Men love women who are clearly inferior in their intellectual development. Why? Yes, because in the background of such a lady it is much easier to look intelligent, successful and knowledgeable in life. Therefore, play along with him a little if you want to make an impression, but just don’t get too carried away.

6. Money is not the most important thing.

And they can not buy everything, according to some. Yes, money is important, but only as a means to achieve your goals and desires, you can not put them in the center of your life.

7. Failures help move on.

Any failure is a step to success. Even the most hopeless, desperate and deadlock situation should be perceived as an invaluable experience that will help move on, become stronger and not step on the same rake. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid to stand in one place.

8. Even the closest people can betray

Even those who seem to be never capable of it. Each person has the peculiarity of idealizing those who are dear to him. And when people begin to show their not the best qualities, for us it becomes a real blow, because we considered them almost holy. Therefore, there is no need to extol anyone, and it is better to always be prepared for the fact that people are actually worse than we think.

9. Possess information - you own the world

Therefore, always study, develop and comprehend the new. Self-development is one of the most important components of inner harmony. Read books, watch new movies, attend trainings and seminars, travel - this is also a great way to push the limits of your horizons.

10. Love yourself

The main feature of Russian women is their inability to love themselves. They may love their husbands, children, relatives, neighbors, colleagues starving in Africa, but somehow they don’t get to their place. This condition destroys a woman very much, so take care of yourself finally. Always put your wishes and needs first, and then think about others.