6 tips on how to get exactly the hairstyle you want from a hairdresser

Discuss your wishes

The stylist should discuss with you the image that you want to get. However, he must take into account the texture and behavior of your hair. Moreover, some stylists even consider how you dress and what your style is in general. This helps you to choose the hairstyle that suits you best and will meet your criteria and needs.

So, before you cut the curls, consult a professional.

Be frank

Stylist is important to know how much time you are willing to spend on styling. If it's five minutes in the morning, say so. Why do you do hair, which will have to be laid for half an hour?

Be positive

If you fill up the stylist with a list of all that you do not need, he will feel himself in the role of reflecting the attack and begin to defend himself. Therefore, present things on the positive side - explain which hairstyle you like and listen to the stylist's opinion. When the stylist feels that you are ready to cooperate, he is much more effective.

Be clear on the difference between a picture and reality.

You can bring along a photo with the haircut you want. But try to choose photos of those women whose face shape and hair texture are similar to yours. Otherwise, the reality is not exactly the same as in the picture.

Ask to explain if something is not clear to you.

The stylist may use professional vocabulary that you may not know. Do not hesitate to ask him to translate the phrase into an understandable language. It is especially important to clarify the length: five centimeters in your head may not be so big, but your hair will be noticeably reduced. Therefore, always ask the stylist to show you how long the haircut will be. To the chin, collarbone, and maybe the middle of the neck?

Be in progress

We understand - in the hairdresser you prefer to sit on the phone and finish the work. But if there is an opportunity, it is better to set everything aside and be in the process. The more attentive you are, the more attentively your hairdresser will work.

Make a return visit

If you like the haircut and hairstyle that you did in the salon, but at home you could not recreate the image, do not hesitate to sign up for another visit to the salon - what would you have done the styling again and shared detailed instructions. You can even ask to try to put a part of hair on your own.