Sure, you are wearing underpants not the type of your figure, which spoils it

We talk a lot about wardrobe, but perhaps not a single item of clothing is as important as a pair of panties. In the end, this is the only thing that we wear every day (even bras and socks do not have such power). Therefore, we believe that the time has come to pay more attention to the panties.

The key to making everything that you put on over your underwear look perfect is to choose the panties that fit your body type.

For simplicity, we have divided the panties into four categories according to four different body types. We recommend that you use this guide to determine which panty silhouette is best for you to sit and look at. You will definitely feel the difference!

If your type of figure is “pear”

You are best suited panties, bikini - they are not too narrow and at the same time have a low belt line and sit almost on the hips.

If you have an athletic body type

Thongs with a slightly high waist and slightly wide edges are ideal for women with a sporty physique. Just choose loose models that won't stick into your skin.

If your type of hourglass figure

Panties with high waist - this is exactly what you need, as they repeat the curves of your figure, and not resist it, causing discomfort. For this reason, such panties were the favorite style of underwear in the 50s.

If your type of figure is "apple"

Brazilian panties are suitable for any type of body in which the lower body is larger than the upper. Including the type of figure "apple". Such panties, as a rule, have wide sides that fit snugly against the hips, providing you with the necessary support and only covering the upper part of the buttocks.