About women who will always be aunts

There is such a category of women - aunts. You can never guess how old they are - maybe 30, or maybe 50. But in their hearts they always have 40. You know, it is better to never make friendship with such a category of women, not to communicate, not to trust your secrets and, generally, it is better not to meet.

They are always jealous. Everybody. Young - because they are still 20. Old - because they have already lived their own, and they have nothing to worry about. Skinny - because nature rewarded them with harmony. Tolstoy - because they eat a lot, and they have something to eat. Childless, with children, married and divorced, relatives and friends, acquaintances and strangers - they envy everyone.

Every fiber of their soul hates those who smile and are satisfied with life, believing that fate undeservedly favors these people. They wear shapeless rags, do short haircuts with chemical perm, overgrow with extra pounds and cellulite. Even if they are thin - they still look exhausted, tortured and dissatisfied with themselves.

Such women are not able to rejoice over others. They are immediately covered with envy and annoyance. They can give a “compliment”, but it will be so peculiar that in time to think whether this is really a compliment. In their performance, this always sounds like a reproach or an underscore of flaws.

Female aunts will always be aunts. In any situation, they will be unhappy. If married - the husband will be bad and worthless. If not married - all the men around will be unworthy of her. With children - she will be forever tired of worries and troubles. Without children - exhausted from loneliness and idleness.

It is impossible to remake these women, because their consciousness, worldview and views on life have already become their way of life. And, perhaps, they themselves get pleasure from it - envying, grumbling, indignant, wanting bad things to others and quietly hating those who are well.