5 reasons why men withdraw even from good relationships


You have a relationship with a man and everything is going well between you. You have already met his friends and parents. You confessed love to each other. But at some point there was a feeling that your man began to move away? This feeling is familiar to many women, it leaves them at a loss. If everything is fine, then why does he distance himself?

Here are the most common reasons why a man can even distance himself from an ideal relationship:

1. He has problems

Men share their relationship more than women. If a man is at work, he thinks about work. If a crisis happens somewhere in his life, he focuses on solving this problem.

If your man is experiencing stressful time, he needs to be supported to cope with this, but this support may look different to him than to you. For him, “support” can mean that he will leave his soul mate until he solves his problem in his own way.

2. Your relationship ended up in an awkward stage.

In the first three months, as a rule, everything is perfect. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the relationship is going great. Everyone behaves well with each other.

Then reality begins. You have a misunderstanding. One or both of you get stressed. Communication begins to become tense. This usually takes 3–6 months, and many new relationships do not survive this.

Sometimes men begin to communicate less in such a difficult time, as they simply cannot maintain the level of intensity. You may get the impression that he is withdrawn when the reality is that he becomes more comfortable with you.

3. He has doubts

Compatibility is a complicated thing. At the beginning, when everything is going fine, you can easily think what will be better next. The problem is that when you get to know each other better, potential long-term stumbling blocks become more and more obvious.

Consider whether your lifestyle is the same, whether you want the same and if you really are happy with it. If there are areas in which the two of you are different, he might be aware of the reality that even if he likes you, your relationship cannot continue.

4. He stares at someone else.

Most women go crazy when they worry that their man will fall in love with another.

The most important thing to do if you suspect that there is someone else is to calm down and take care of your feelings before you do something with him or with relationships.

You have to decide what you want first. If you still want him and want to keep your relationship, do not be angry with him. First, collect all the evidence, and then calmly discuss with him this topic. This is difficult, but if you want to stay together, this is important. If you become crazy about this, you definitely will not help the situation.

5. Men treat their thoughts and feelings in different ways.

Men's brains are not like women. Women have more connections between the hemispheres of their brains, which helps us to think and feel at the same time. This is very important, because when it comes to relationships with women, men spend extra time and space to process everything. The male brain is optimized for spatial and motor skills, and the female - for analytical and intuitive thinking.

If he is emotionally overwhelmed and removed from you, he needs time to think about you, examine his feelings, think again and come to a decision. A common mistake is to try to get a man to make a decision about something before he is ready.

What to do when he pulls away from you?

It doesn't matter why your man moves away from you. What you do with this is key. Focus on something else other than your relationship. Sometimes this is exactly what a man needs to get back to you after you have drifted away.

Now is a great time to devote time to yourself. Make funny plans with friends, immerse yourself in your hobbies, get some work done. Do fun things without him. The desire to reach him or try to do something to make him come to his senses can be overwhelming.

However, remember that distance is his choice. This means that now he wants and needs space. If you try to force him into intimacy, which he does not want, you will still lose him.

It is important to keep this in perspective when you feel like a rejected man. The harder you push him, the more he pulls away.