So the war: 3 zodiac pairs that are doomed to constant struggle

When two truly strong people come together in a relationship, they do not always have peace and understanding. On the contrary, most often they constantly drag the blanket over themselves, and try to fight for leadership.

Aries and Leo

Two fire signs and a leader are literally drawn to each other by nature. They easily find a common language and converge, but then problems often begin. Leo is categorically unable to cede leadership position to someone, but Aries is too capricious to submit. Sometimes they manage to find a common language, but often the couple breaks up.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Two zodiac signs that know exactly what they want. But to listen to the opinion of a partner they manage with great difficulty. In addition, Capricorn, which is almost impossible to lose his temper, often infuriates Scorpio’s emotional instability and his too changeable outlook on life.

Taurus and Virgo

Virgo is vital to teach someone life and tell you how to do the right thing. Only here Taurus, who has his own point of view for everything, which he will defend to the last, is not too in a hurry to follow its rules. And at the attempts of the Virgin to cut him, Taurus responds with poorly restrained aggression, which scares everyone, because he does not control himself in moments of anger.