5 beauty products that make your whole trip look well-groomed

Tool 5 in 1 from the "Clean Line"

This remedy for the "Clean Line" will replace as many as 3 cans - gel for washing, scrub and face mask. Contains eucalyptus, zinc, coal and clay. Such a powerful cocktail will eliminate all skin imperfections.
Gel + Scrub + Mask 5 in 1 “Perfect Skin”, Clean Line, 30 rub.

Electric brush from Oral-B

You will have a perfect smile throughout the journey if you take this gadget with you. The kit includes a convenient travel case. This brush has 6 special modes of toothbrushing: daily brushing, whitening, brushing for sensitive teeth, gum care, tongue cleaning and professional brushing. And the customizable Smartring feature will control the entire process. When you return from a trip, you definitely will not need the help of a dentist.
Electric brush Genius 9000 Rose Gold Oral-B, Braun, 1.

Taft Hairspray

Who knows what will happen to your hairdo? That is why hairspray should always be at hand. Remedy for Taft has superstrong fixation and pacifies even the most unruly hair. And the convenient mini-format will be located in any handbag.
Hairspray in mini format Ultra, Taft, 250 rub.

Hermes Mini Fragrance Kit

You do not have to choose from all flavors one most favorite. What for? If you can take several at once. The Colognes collection includes 7 perfume compositions, each of which is amazing. Eau d'Orange Verte will enchant you with freshness and a cocktail of citrus notes. In the fragrance of Eau de Gentiane Blanche, you will hear both sweet and bitter notes. In Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, the notes of a delicate rose are organically combined with fresh grapefruit. Eau de Mandarine Ambrée will give you vitality through a combination of mandarin, passion fruit and amber. And in the fragrance Eau de Narcisse Bleu you will hear colored notes along with woody chords.
Set aroma Colonges, Hermes, price on request.

Foreo Skin Cleansing Brush

Do not worry, we have not forgotten about skin cleansing. And the perfect way to completely rid pores of dirt is the Foreo gadget. This model is designed specifically for travel, it is small in size and convenient to use. Silicone brushes together with ultrasonic pulsations clean the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Luna Go, Foreo skin cleansing brush, price on request.