4 things in the behavior of men that make you terribly jealous of him

Sometimes, jealousy creeps into our subconscious, and we can do nothing about it - even when there is no reason to be jealous of our man, our intuition sends us alarming signals, and now we can not calm down and begin to imagine the worst scenario.

Jealousy is a very poisonous feeling. No matter how stupid the cause of your jealousy may be, until you fully cope with it, you will not be able to free yourself from the oppressive doubts, fear and rage that often accompany the feeling of jealousy. You also cannot truly enjoy trust and communication with your man.

The time has come to stop ignoring your jealousy and start deliberately dissecting everything that bothers you, no matter how insignificant it seems.

Here are 4 common scenarios for jealous man’s behavior and how to deal with it:

He calls himself an extrovert, and you think he just flirts

Brush off prejudice and focus on the specific behavior of your man. The fact that your man is the soul of the company and loves to communicate does not mean that he loves you less and is ready to change you from the first person you meet. Just learn to accept it for what it is, and do not invent accusations from scratch.

He does not deny that he likes to look at other women, but he says that he will never change

Your biggest ally in overcoming jealousy is to remember the facts. Did a man cheat on her ex? And you? If not, then most likely he is not one of those unfaithful to his beloved.

Of course, the fact that your man from time to time stares at the beautiful girls can be offensive, but this does not mean that he will have an affair with one of them. The main thing is to talk to him and tell me that you need one hundred percent attention to yourself and that his views are unpleasant to you.

He and his ex are just friends who occasionally talk on the phone and meet regularly to drink coffee

Healthy communication is key in relationships. It is especially important when your man is still communicating with his ex. In this case, you should openly talk with your loved one about what is happening, how it relates to the situation and how you see it. Create reasonable agreements that both of you will follow. Watch your man comply with these agreements to calm his jealousy.

He did not give you any reason to doubt himself, but you can not erase from the memory of his ex, who changed you from another

If you have been cheated or hurt in the past, make sure that you are healed of this pain and do not let what happened to you with someone else in the past live with you in the present and influence your relationship with the new man. Accepting the past is a great way to overcome jealousy in the present.