A woman tramples herself in the mud if she does these 5 things for a man

This behavior, unfortunately, is inherent in our subconscious. A woman often seeks by all means to achieve the position of a man, and for this she is literally ready for anything. That, often, leads only to the humiliation of her in the eyes of men. Give up their desires for the sake of men

Give up your desires

It often happens that a man is not ready to meet halfway in things that are really important. For example, a woman wants to learn, and a man requires her to sit with the child, or, worse, give birth to another.

Making love even if she doesn’t want

The most common humiliation for a woman, which for some reason is considered normal. A woman has the right to decide for herself whether she wants sex or not. A violation of this agreement can be equated to violence.

In every way he tries to cheer him up.

The man comes home, and breaks his anger at his wife. Moreover, it repeats constantly. The woman, instead of putting all the dots above and, and asking him not to do it again, goes on about him and spends her resources on maintaining his mood.

Refuses entertainment and communication

And all because her man does not like it. He is jealous, and maybe just does not want a woman to have fun and enjoy life. And the woman goes on his lead, falling out of life.

Tolerates tyranny

Appropriation, humiliation, insults are unacceptable in any relationship, no matter how much a woman loves a man. And you should not indulge yourself with the illusions that this is a single case. For a man, this behavior is either normal or taboo.