There is nothing worse than a greedy man: 8 compromising signs

If a person is greedy, then it is practically laid in his blood and manifested since childhood. But it happens that this unflattering side of a man is manifested far from immediately. That is why a woman should pay attention to small, but such alarming bells in his behavior.

1. He has a separate budget.

His money is his, and yours is yours. An even more extreme option is when you yourself pay for yourself in a shop, cafe or on vacation. There can be no question of any general account or bank card.

2. He considers paid entertainment to be stupid.

That is why you rarely go to the cinema, theater, exhibitions and deprive children of all sorts of fun in amusement parks and children's playrooms. Your man is convinced that paying for fun is extremely short-sighted and wasteful.

3. He scrupulously saves every penny.

Accumulation is always good, but only when they reach reasonable limits. If your man, in addition to a savings bank account, holds a three-liter jar at home, in which, with the manic nature of a mole from the cartoon “Thumbelina”, adds each ruble and periodically recounts, this is a clear sign that he is a miser.

4. It requires a full report of all expenses.

Literally, for every penny spent, a man requires a thorough report from his woman and an estimate of profit and loss. For spending in excess of the measure should be punished - scandal, quarrel or budget cuts.

5. It is purchased only on promotions and discounts.

Such a man can wait a week until the promotion of toothpaste starts at a discount. The same thing happens with all products and other household items. This is literally a seasoned detective who seeks out any way to save, sham, or take more than his due.

6. He does not accept travel

Because it considers that they “eat up” a very large part of the budget. According to such a man, investing in your own positive emotions and impressions is an occupation for fools and people who cannot manage their money.

7. He gives too practical gifts

And this applies not only to his own wife, but also to children. Flowers, cute knick-knacks, surprises and aesthetic gifts are a greedy man who thinks it to be a waste, that is why he gives too practical things. For example, birthday boots for his wife instead of the worn out old ones. This is not called frugality, but stinginess.

8. He spends more on himself than on his family.

Greedy men, as a rule, love themselves much more than anyone else, therefore, they take all the best for themselves and their loved ones than they give to their wives or children.