How does your relationship with your mother affect your marriage?

Mom - the closest and dear person, the connection with which it is impossible to break. Another thing is that there are different mothers, like different children, and, accordingly, relationships are very different. And this relationship can not affect us. The mechanism of this relationship is important to understand in order to correct, in case something is not glued, and you still cannot find out the reason.

Positive impact

If you have a great relationship with your mom, that's great. First of all, it gives an incredible sense of psychological comfort and security. In addition, if you trust your mother, you are most likely to listen to her advice, including regarding relationships with men.

Another important aspect is how successful your parents' marriage was. If you respect your mother, and that she is your mentor, then most likely you will subconsciously copy her pattern of behavior in marriage. This is productive only if the marriage of your parents was successful, and the family life is happy. If not, then you, unfortunately, also risk repeating this generic scenario with a higher probability.

This effect seems to be extremely positive, there is a downside. Your life is your life. Do not forget that you live in other realities, build relationships with men of another generation, and therefore your mother’s experience and her advice may not be suitable for you. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is not necessary to blindly follow my mother's advice, it is worth taking them into account, but do as your inner voice tells you.

Negative influence

Negative impact have a bad relationship with the mother. Bad relationships with parents, unfortunately, are very common, but are not the norm. A mother is the person on whom the life of a child literally depends, especially in the first year of life.

Therefore, the basic deep-seated notions of a person about security, security are connected precisely with the mother. When the relationship with the mother does not add up, there is a break of these deep connections, which can adversely affect the psychological state of a person. Children's psychological traumas due to the fault of their mothers are usually the most severe and most painful.

Destroyed ideas about security and security generally have a bad effect on relationships, but if they come from the mother’s side, then correcting it is even more difficult.

If you do not have a relationship with your mother and at the same time your personal life is not going well, try to find a relationship. To correct the situation, try to normalize relations with parents. Of course, there are all sorts of situations and sometimes this is simply impossible. In this case, try to forgive the children's insults, accept the situation and change your attitude towards it. An excellent option would also be an appeal to a professional psychologist, who will be able to choose a therapy for your particular case.