These 7 fashionable nuances will transform your luxurious breasts into one continuous fault.

Every woman should know for sure what kind of clothes looks good and profitable with her breast size, and what is not. If nature has given you a lush breast - this does not mean that you should limit your choice of clothes. However, you should give preference to such things that perfectly fit you and emphasize your surround bust, making it an advantage and not the cause of your fashionable misfortunes and blunders.

To avoid such failures, pay attention to these seven signs that clothing is too small for your chest and does not suit you.

There are gaps between the buttons on the shirt

@ thevintagepoint_Shirt button-down, which is small in the chest, is a nightmare of many women with a large bust. The only thing you can do is buy a larger button-up blouse. Otherwise, you risk every now and then to demonstrate your lace bra, worn under the blouse (especially if the button suddenly fly off from the tension, and you do not even notice). Better to be safe than sorry about a failed purchase, do you agree?

Clothes chest so much that it seems "mono-chest"

One of the most obvious signs that your top is too small is when it is very tight and tightens your tits so much that it creates the illusion that you have one big oval ball instead of your chest. To avoid this and preserve the natural (and sexy) breast relief, simply take a tight top a size or several sizes larger.

The lettering or image on the T-shirt is stretched and become illegible.

If a T-shirt with graphics is small to you, everything that is depicted on it will stretch and lose shape, and the paint may crack at all. To avoid such a trendy slip, better buy a larger T-shirt (especially since overseas t-shirts are still at the peak of popularity).

The fabric is deformed in the chest area

@ nicolettemason Most often this happens when you don a thing out of non-elastic material. If you do not want your chest to cross the crumpled line, and strive to have an outfit emphasizing the natural shape of your chest, then prefer a freer fit or try wearing a bra that will keep your chest closer to your body, such as a sports bra .

Bra "cuts" your chest in half

If you have large breasts, and a bra cup is not large enough to fit it in, you may experience the so-called “double” breast effect. This is when half of your chest is placed in a bra, and the remaining half pops out of it from the top to the outside, thus forming another “breast”. This will be especially noticeable if you wear a tight T-shirt. So be careful and choose the right size bras.

You are constantly forced to straighten your chest.

To determine that your skirt is too short, you just have to catch yourself thinking that you are constantly pulling it down with your hands. Exactly the same logic can determine the inappropriate size of the tops. If you have to constantly correct the bra or hold the top so that it does not slip from the chest, then this is a clear sign that it is too small for you and unable to hold the breast as it should. To save yourself from unnecessary discomfort and inconvenient movements, it is better to look at the tops of a more suitable style and size.

You are forced to wear more than one sports bra during sports activities.

Some women wear several sports bras at the same time to provide a lot of support during active movements. In fact, the reason why your sports bra may not give you the necessary support alone is because it is probably too small for your breasts and of insufficient quality. Therefore, look at the quality options for sports bras from professional brands and choose the most suitable size for you.