5 blunders that can make a woman with her bra

We put on bras almost every day, and we don’t even think about it, we’re doing them the right way and are using them correctly, although it would seem that it could be easier.

In fact, most bras require special care. And knowing how to take care of them and how to properly exploit them, you will be able to extend their service life and keep them fresh for a long time.

Here are 5 mistakes that you absolutely cannot make while using your sconces and which you should get rid of forever, if you want your favorite underwear to last you longer and your chest to feel better.

Wear the same bra a few days in a row

Think of bra straps as muscles: if you overstretch your muscles every day, you can earn serious muscle pain or even injury. Of course, it is tempting to wear your favorite bra all day long, but he needs at least a day of rest to get back to normal and not wear out too quickly. Elasticity is one of the most important functional characteristics of a bra, so it is best to keep it as long as possible.

Wear the same bra with everything

Each of us has a favorite bra, which we are ready to wear constantly and with everything. However, most often one bra can not fit all your clothes. Imagine how bad a lace bra without thick cups under a plain white T-shirt or a sports bra under a shirt can look like. Each bra has its own specific function and is best suited for certain clothes. Remember that a wrong bra can ruin your entire look.

Not enough to wash

We all, at times, sin by not washing the bras as often as necessary. For example, we do this only after 5−7 socks. In the meantime, bras are the thing that fits very close to our skin and therefore becomes contaminated faster than the same shirts or T-shirts. And if you do not wash the sconce often enough, then you can suffer from bacteria that accumulate on them very quickly. It is best to wash bras about every week (assuming that you do not wear them every day).

Choose the wrong size

The art of correct fitting and fitting the bra is quite difficult to master. Meanwhile, it is very important that the bra is perfect for you to sit and be in size. To get to the point during the fitting, it is best to always contact the specialists in the store. Their job is to choose a bra of the right size, measuring your parameters, and adjust it exactly for you. Do not be surprised if they offer you an unusual size - it is quite possible that it will change your chest, especially since each brand of underwear has an individual size range.

Do not regulate

And even if you have finally decided on your ideal size, this is far from all. In order for the bra to give you as little discomfort as possible and to emphasize your chest, it is very important to correctly adjust the straps. In this case, you should be guided by several basic parameters: the straps should not rub and put pressure on your shoulders or fall altogether, your chest should not hang in your bra, but you shouldn’t be near the chin. And of course, your bra should not crash into your body and squeeze the chest.