Do not do this: 5 dangerous beauty tips from the Internet

Once women were guided by beauty recipes that were given to them by their mothers and grandmothers. Today we are looking for the same recipes on the web. Unfortunately, they often get on the Internet in a distorted form, and the recipes themselves are questionable. We have compiled a list of popular tips that may not improve your appearance, but only spoil it.

Scrub skin with sugar, salt or soda

PinterestScrubs, which can be purchased in stores, differ from home-made not only in convenient packaging. They also have a mild composition that does not harm your skin and does not cause allergic reactions. But scratching the skin with salt or sugar is very easy.

Use egg white to tighten skin

Pinterest Although egg white - the tool is really good, its possibilities are not limitless. First of all, you can hardly tighten your skin with it. In addition, in addition to not the most pleasant sensations in the form of tension, you can also get irritation as a bonus.

Remove black dots with glue

PinterestKak is not surprising, but this way some women choose in order to make their skin closer to the ideal. Of course, this does not end well. You risk getting not only irritation, but also wounds, and even a chemical burn.

Treat pimples with toothpaste

PinterestIt is believed that toothpaste can act as an emergency remedy against pimples. In part, it really helps, because the paste has a drying and peeling effect. However, such methods can sometimes provoke inflammation and, as a result, only aggravate the situation.

Use hairspray as make-up retainer.

PinterestThis tool is designed for hair, and put it on the sensitive and delicate skin of the face is definitely not worth it. Most likely, an unaesthetic rash and discomfort, burning and itching will appear on the skin. It is worth knowing that your makeup is unlikely to be more resistant.