Psychological burnout: 5 signs that you should relax

We all want to live in prosperity and not to deny ourselves anything. But this requires a lot of work. That is why we often shoulder much more than we can do. This leads, unfortunately, not to untold riches, but to complete burnout. Here are the main signs that it's time for you to take a pause and bring your mental and emotional state back to normal.

Constant fatigue

You sleep, but you can not sleep. You rest during the whole weekend, but you can’t gain energy. This is not just fatigue, it is a very alarming sign, meaning at least that you need a vacation and complete relaxation. No domestic chores and no decisions.

Sense of powerlessness and exhaustion

You feel not just tired, but frankly exhausted. You are trying very hard to overcome this in yourself, but you can’t control yourself. And the point is not that you are lazy. Most likely, you are burned out, and in your life there must be a time for change and vacation.


You are constantly worried about and without. Sometimes you are even in a good mood, but you still feel this unpleasant feeling of anxiety completely without cause. But the worst thing is when you wake up with this feeling in the middle of the night. This is a bell about your borderline state.

Professional incompetence

It would seem that you work so much that you should have already reached the highest level of skill and become an excellent specialist in your field. However, on the contrary, you feel impotent, and can’t cope with even the simplest tasks. You urgently need to reboot!

Lack of enthusiasm

You hardly force yourself to get up in the morning. Even harder to persuade yourself to do business. Think whether you are on the right path, or do your life priorities need a serious revision? You shouldn’t drive yourself to the corner completely; sometimes you should take one step back, then later - 3 forward.