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7 things that should not be shared even with the closest people

It happens when it seems that everything in your life flies to hell: nothing sticks, everything fails and turns in a completely unnecessary direction. Surprisingly, the reasons for this can be a banal lending of things that should be solely yours.

1. Hygiene items and accessories for washing

For trivial considerations of purity and health, do not give anyone brushes, scourers, sponges, cosmetics and manicure sets. Elementary are the things of so personal use that your bacteria and microbes contain on their surface, that you should not generously share them even with the closest people, so as not to get sick of anything.

2. Broom or mop

A broom is, in general, a truly magical object. Our ancestors betrayed him a very great importance and associated with him many will and predictions. It is believed that a broom accumulates the energy of the owner of the house, so it is absolutely impossible to lend it to another person and take it to another dwelling. The same with the mop - not only is it not hygienic, it also provokes the exchange of negative energy.

3. Clothes and shoes

It seems, well, what is it to lend your favorite blouse to your best friend for the evening? After all, then it can be washed, and she will again be as good as new. But this is not so much about personal hygiene, as about energy, which is stored in a personal belongings. By giving them to someone else, we give a part of our energy, both negative and positive. The same goes for shoes.

4. Jewelery and jewels

Jewelry, especially made from natural metals and stones, are powerful absorbers of the energy of the person who owns them. These are the so-called traps of mood and internal state. Not for nothing, when people are seriously ill, their decorations turn black and lose their appearance. Therefore, you should not share the most intimate with anyone.

5. Bread and pastries

At all times, bakery products have attached great importance - it is a symbol of fertility, success, full bowl and well-being. That is why bread cannot be shared, because in this way you give away the most precious thing you have - family happiness, peace and warmth at home.

6. Salt

Scientists have confirmed that salt has an energy memory, because it is capable of absorbing the energy and mood of people. By sharing salt, you give away a part of yourself, and after that you can feel broken, tired and sad. So, our mothers and grandmothers made a big mistake, willingly sharing salt with their neighbors.

7. Dishes

Cookware creates a mood at home - remember how important a beautiful table setting and properly selected kitchen utensils are. Crockery is a mirror of the house, which takes in the atmosphere and mood reigning inside. Therefore, do not lend your kitchenware to anyone and do not share what is happening inside your family hearth.