Why you still don't live the way you want: 4 reasons

Our whole life is in our hands. And only in our power to change what does not suit us. However, for some reason, many only complain, but they still cannot change anything. What is stopping you?

You rely too much on fate

Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against you. However, do not look in this sign over. The reason is only in unfortunate circumstances, which are completely in your power to change. The main thing is to make efforts to this and try to act correctly, taking into account all the circumstances.

You do not know what you want

This is where the problem lies very often. Yes, you are not satisfied with the present life. But at the same time, you absolutely can not imagine what it should be for you to become better and more comfortable. The best way to get out of a crisis is to just sit down and think about what you want to achieve and where you would like to be.

You are stumped

Many of us are characterized by constant inventing of difficulties on our heads. Do not you think that everything is not going according to plan, the way it is. But you are to blame for this, because they themselves have created problems for themselves. Take life easier, and you will achieve the desired progress much faster.

You are lazy

This is the most common reason. You would like to change something in your life, but you are too lazy. You simply cannot force yourself to do something, and constantly postpone the beginning of a new life. When you do this next time, just remind yourself that this way you will never come to anything.